2022 College Football Championship Futures Odds Released

2022 College Football Championship Futures Odds Released

January 11, 2022

college football championship odds 2022

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The game last night was one for the ages. Fans rejoiced as did sportsbooks (They made good money on the side, moneyline and total). Our free pick cashed for pour readers as well. Most of the country, being weery of Alabama winning so often, was pulling for Georgia. And even though the first half was low-scoring, it was very entertaining. Great defense is something to behold. But the second half did not disappoint either.

The second half saw both teams combine to put up 36 points after only mustering 15 in the first. The fourth quarter was especially lively, prompting Nick Saban to remark to Kirby Smart after the game “What a fourth quarter”.

We move on to next season with the very first released 2022 NCAAF futures odds and guess who is favored.. no really, guess… did you say Alabama? Because if you did, you are correct. They are pre-season odds-on favorites to win it all almost every year.

Below you can find the odds for the 2022 season and the championship game will be played in January of 2023

2022-2023 College Football Futures Betting Odds

by BetOnline.ag

Team Odds
Alabama +325
Georgia +350
Ohio State +650
Clemson +1200
Texas A&M +1400
Michigan +1800
Notre Dame +2000
Oklahoma +2000
Oklahoma State +3300
Oregon +3300
Texas +3300
USC +3300
Utah +3300
Wisconsin +3300
Michigan State +4000
Baylor +5000
Miami (FL) +5000
Arkansas +6600
Auburn +6600
Florida +6600
Iowa +6600
LSU +6600
Ole Miss +6600
Penn State +6600
BYU +8000
Cincinnati +8000
Houston +8000
Kentucky +8000
NC State +8000
Pittsburgh +8000

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