2022 World Series Of Poker Kicks Off On The Las Vegas Strip

2022 World Series Of Poker Kicks Off On The Las Vegas Strip

The 2022 World Series of Poker officially kicked off Tuesday morning, with hundreds of poker players in attendance for the first day of poker’s biggest tournament festival.

This is the 53rd year of the WSOP, but the first ever to take place on the Las Vegas Strip. After starting at Binion’s Horseshoe downtown, the summer series moved to the Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino in 2005, where it stayed until last year’s series.

With Caesars Entertainment’s sale of the Rio, the series now shifts to two properties located right on ‘the 50-yard line’ of the Strip in Paris Las Vegas, and Bally’s, which will soon be renamed the Horseshoe.

The new venue serves as a major upgrade over the Rio, with four times the dining options, and significantly more restrooms. The 200,000 sq. ft. of combined space will also house close to 600 tables, which is almost a 33% increase over last year.

“This year is particularly historic for the WSOP with its move to the heart of the Las Vegas Strip and debut in the best facilities we’ve ever had,” said Executive Director Ty Stewart. “We’re ready to welcome players from all over the world to our housewarming party at Bally’s, soon-to-be Horseshoe, and Paris. The schedule is jam-packed with first-class events and we expect this to be the biggest and most anticipated WSOP yet.”

As is tradition, the series began with the $500 buy-in Casino Employees event, which is only open those players who also work in the gambling industry. There are more than 800 players registered so far, with the series’ first bracelet scheduled to be awarded Wednesday night.

Lisa VanderpumpReality TV personality Lisa Vanderpump was on hand to make the customary ‘Shuffle up and deal’ announcement, and then even took a seat in the tournament. One of Vanderpump’s 36 restaurants is located at the Paris Casino.

The first event for the pros was the $100,000 buy-in high roller bounty tournament. Every player eliminated in the event is worth $25,000. At the time of publishing, the field sat at just over 40 players, and the final table will stream live on Thursday on PokerGO. (Get $20 off an annual subscription with the promo code ‘CardPlayer’)

There are more than 100 bracelets events in total including 13 online tournaments.

You can learn more about the 2022 WSOP on our series landing page, sponsored by Global Poker. Check out the schedule, as well as event recaps, news, and player interviews.

Get ready for the 2022 WSOP</a> as <a href=”https://twitter.com/jeffplatt?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw”>jeffplatt and @buffalohanks give you a tour of the new venues on the Las Vegas Strip! First up: Paris! pic.twitter.com/WXpc79Ytje

— PokerGO (@PokerGO) May 31, 2022

Phil Ivey waits to take his seat in the @WSOP $100,000 High Roller Bounty. pic.twitter.com/5RvSJ8nemD

— Donnie Peters (@Donnie_Peters) May 31, 2022

The calm before the storm…..

150 more tables were added this year

Records will be broken @WSOP pic.twitter.com/O9WwyEf5ar

— Joey Ingram (@Joeingram1) May 31, 2022

The incomparable LisaVanderpump</a> <a href=”https://twitter.com/WSOP?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw”>WSOP

It’s gonna be a great summer pic.twitter.com/EDO3oMlLO5

— Benjamin Valder (@BenjaminValder) May 31, 2022

One of the new sets of chips at the @WSOP. Thoughts on the new looks? #WSOP2022 pic.twitter.com/Urb3hzTHsZ

— Alec Rome (@RomeForReal) May 31, 2022

It begins today! @WSOP is always a special time of year. Remember how fortunate we are to be here and able to have the opportunity to play these events, it’s truly special. Good luck to everyone, may you create life long memories and stories. pic.twitter.com/slGSghRpEJ

— Scott Ball (@EndGameScott) May 31, 2022

It’s even better than I imagined WSOP</a> <a href=”https://twitter.com/hfortini?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw”>hfortini #wsop #wsop2022 pic.twitter.com/ZaydW7GhPn

KIM STONE (@sunkimstone) May 31, 2022

Fast Track WSOP line this AM vs non-Fast Track line for the employee event. pic.twitter.com/LZl8JBqMjd

— Jesse Knight (@jesseknight33) May 31, 2022

Credit where it’s due, the WSOP</a> Day 1 space is light years nicer than the old set up. Looks like they also have a brand new chip set in play! Props to <a href=”https://twitter.com/JackEffel?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw”>JackEffel and co! It’s gonna be a great summer. #LFGGG pic.twitter.com/JKfWvaSSch

— GG (@GarryGates) May 31, 2022

A look at some WSOP Tourney chips plus some from the single table section. pic.twitter.com/i2bm5DhLy6

— Kevin Mathers (@Kevmath) May 31, 2022

I’m skipping WSOP</a> Event #2 today. I have &quot;travelers diarrhea&quot; from weekend in Mexico. I&#39;m tired, my stomach hurts, and I’m going easy on eating food.<br><br>My first <a href=”https://twitter.com/StakeKings?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw”>StakeKings package is now for $50,000 (selling $30K at 1.3) including:

Event 6 $25,000 Heads Up
Event 8 $25,000 NLH

— phil_hellmuth (@phil_hellmuth) May 31, 2022

Going to be my 13th year going to the wsop and I still don’t know how to pack for vegas for 2 months.

— Joseph Cada (@JoeCada99) May 31, 2022

Shoutout to the @WSOP dealers in advance, good luck you brave fuckers

— Mike Holtz (@MikeHoltzPoker) May 31, 2022

WSOP starting today with the 100k bounty, I am intending to put in a big grind this summer. Recently started studying the chat pros advice and think I am ready to play at a whole new level.

— Chris Brewer (@Chris_D_Brewer) May 31, 2022

Day 1 @WSOP
Everything outside of the table is in motion; a distraction.
I’ll show up every day ready to do the thing I’ve been training for my whole life: compete at the table.
No past results nor future expectations. These attachments cause suffering. Only the current hand.

— Brian Rast (@tsarrast) May 31, 2022

Chip lead at dinner break during Event #1 of the @WSOP pic.twitter.com/ngvYACSqaB

— SlowBear (@ShaunSlowBear) June 1, 2022

New chip sets @wsop look great.

No more slippery chips!

— Ryan Laplante (@Protentialmn) May 31, 2022

During the WSOP:

Be polite in lines, we all hate lines but make it less miserable by being friendly.

Treat your dealers kindly, they’re working their asses off.

Treat the game and ur opponents with respect.

Let’s make this a year filled with wins, love, n fun! #poker

— kariann marie (@pokerfacegal13) May 31, 2022