888poker: 5 Quick Tips to Improve Your Poker Results with Vivian Saliba

Vivian Saliba and 888poker are back with another installation of their Made to Learn strategy videos. This time, Saliba details five simple tips that will help you improve your poker results.

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1. Be Prepared

Good preparation is key, so you should have a schedule or plan your sessions in advance. It is also important to feel rested and fresh before playing.

If you plan to play a long tournament session, it makes sense to have food prepared for your grind while also letting the people around that you can’t be disturbed.

2. Keep Learning

Even the best poker players in the world keep perfecting their game and learning new things. This is the best approach to becoming a better poker player, but not all of us are willing to spend hours and hours doing complicated solver work.

There’s a fun solution to get around this and that is to watch poker streams. Places like Twitch have strong communities where you can interact with other poker players, go over hand histories and learn new strategies.

3. Think

This sounds very obvious but you need to think about what decisions you make when at the poker table. As Saliba explains, there are countless times when she would have wished she could have taken 10 more seconds before acting.

In online poker, you have a time bank for a reason so you should make use of it. Poker is a dynamic game where you need to adjust, so playing on auto-pilot isn’t going to help you make the best decisions.

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4. Don’t Take It Personally

If a player shows you a bluff or raises you several times in a row, you shouldn’t take it personally and let it stop you from playing your A-game. Maybe they had a raising hand each time, or maybe not, it doesn’t matter.

Losing your temper and gunning for a specific opponent will just cause you to make bad judgements and negatively affect your chip stack.

5. Fix Your Mistakes

The best way to avoid repeating the same mistakes is to mark down your thoughts during your game and review them when you have finished playing. You will be able to fix some leaks and improve as a poker player.

Everyone makes mistakes, but making the same mistakes over and over again is completely avoidable. It would be silly not to learn and grow.

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