Advanced Poker Strategies That Pro Players Use

Advanced Poker Strategies That Pro Players Use

17 May

All of us have seen moves in tournaments that we would never use ourselves. We often get surprised when these moves work. That’s because pros know tricks that the average poker player doesn’t.

Most poker players know some of the basic strategies like playing in position, squeeze plays, and raising from the small blind, but these strategies are more about avoiding mistakes than winning. And, since everyone knows these techniques, they are easier to identify. So, if you really want to surprise people at the table, you’ll need to learn from the best. Let’s take a look at some of the advanced poker strategies pro players use.

Picking the Jesus Seat

Pro players are very deliberate as to where they sit when they play cash games and picking just any seat is a bad strategy. You also shouldn’t just hop on a table without observing people play. You need to pay very special attention to how many players and available seats there are, how many chips everyone has, and look at the betting patterns of each player.

The goal here is to sit left to the fish so you always get a chance to speak last. The more fishes you have on your right the better. It’s also usually a better option compared to sitting to the left of the chip leader, even if they seem tight.

That’s because pushing a big player out of a hand or getting them to fold will be much cheaper when you have a smaller stack. If, on the other hand, you wake up with a monster, then you’ll be able to conceal it if they make a big bet.

Controlling their Mindset

The best players also know that poker is all about keeping a steady mind state, and they know how to shake off bad hands. One of the ways they do this is by clearing their headspace through healthy distractions.

Knowing when to sit out hands is one of the most underrated poker strategies you can use. This could allow you to re-evaluate your strategy, get over a bad beat, and read the action and other players much better.

Some players will sit out and go for a walk, but you can also do other things, like playing online, for instance. Mobile gaming can be a great way to layout some steam while at the table. You could even play online casino games if you want. You can try this casino online if you want a casino that offers a great mobile experience. Once you’ve played a few hands of blackjack or spins of roulette, you’ll be in a much better state to play and will be making much better decisions.

Check Raising from the Big Blind

The first reflex when someone raises from the small blind after checking is to simply call the bet. The logic here is that we want to see a flop and be able to get additional value from our hand. But you might want to consider raising from the big blind more often, which is something you’ll see major big players do even if they have a bad hand.

You need to put pressure on that small blind or else you run the risk of them catching something on the flop. You will also make their hand more valuable than it should be. And, if they were simply trying to steal your blind, then you can get them to fold preflop and collect.

Not raising on a raise from the small blind can also spell trouble if you’re playing against someone who likes to make continuation bets often. Even if the hand they raised with was marginal, it still holds some equity, and you don’t want them to realise that equity by catching something on the flop or the turn.

Check betting on the flop can also work in many scenarios. If you have the nuts, then it’s usually a better option to not let things drag out and do a check-raise. This will allow you to get a flop before the river or see if the other player is bluffing. At this point, you can decide to slow play the turn and river and let them hang themselves. Or you can use a check-raise as a bluff if you hit nothing.

If you want to make significant improvements to your game, we suggest you follow these few tips. These are all techniques you are likely to see top players use, and, if you do them correctly and in the right situation, you’d be surprised at how efficient they can be.

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