AFL Great Wayne Carey Banned from Crown for Two Years

Wayne Carey, an AFL great and commentator for Seven and writer for The Age, was at the center of an unwanted incident at Crown Perth and was issued with a “withdrawal of license” according to the report in The Herald.

Anti-Inflammatory White Powder Substance Not Looking Good

The ban on visiting Crown properties for two years has been issued to Carey for being caught with a bag of white powder in the casino in Perth. The zip-lock bag dropped from his pocket onto one of the gaming room tables and forced the croupier to activate the alarm.

When questioned by the casino security personnel who responded to the alarm, Carey claimed that the bag did not contain an illegal substance and offered the security guys to check themselves but they refused. He claimed the bag contained a crushed-up anti-inflammatory he had been taking with dinner.

“It was not an illegal substance, it was offered to security,” Carey stated, outlining that the security guys did not take the bag.

“They just said it’s not a great look, I understood that, and we left without incident,” he added.

Following the incident, Carey was escorted out of the casino and kicked out of the Crown hotel he was staying waiting for the AFL elimination final Freemantle Dockers vs the Western Bulldogs.

The Seven TV commentator who recently stood down temporarily from his role with the TV was also issued with a ban to visit any Crown Resorts property in the next two years. The ban will stop him from attending the Brownlow Medal count scheduled to take place at Crown Palladium Melbourne.

Crown Maintains Company Standards and Client Privacy

When approached for comments by the media, a spokesperson for Crown confirmed the incident, outlining that the casino handled the incident within its standard procedures and would not provide further comment due to privacy reasons.

“At Crown Perth, our priority remains to keep our guests, employees and the community safe,” the spokesperson continued, highlighting the high level of trust the company is placing on its employees “to maintain a safe and enjoyable environment for customers and staff at all times,” and “take necessary action to ensure these policies are abided by.”

The incident is the latest in a series of controversies linked to Carey’s personal life among which the assault on a woman in 1996, the affair with the wife of his teammate Anthony Stevens, his arrest in Miami in 2007 for breaking a wine glass in the face of his then-fiancee, as well as assaulting officers in 2008 while resisting arrest.