AGS awarded HIRE Vets Platinum Medallion for commitment to military veterans

AGS awarded HIRE Vets Platinum Medallion for commitment to military veterans


GS announced Thursday it was given the award for commitment to U.S. military veterans, the 2021 HIRE Vets Platinum Medallion through the U.S. Department of Labor’s HIRE Vets program. 

This recognition is given annually to companies that demonstrate commitment and leadership in recruiting, employing and retaining military veterans as well as providing veteran integration assistance programs. It was initiated by the Honoring Investments in Recruiting and Employing American Military Veterans (HIRE Vets) Act of 2017.

AGS was one of five companies in Nevada to earn a Platinum Medallion through this program, and was the only gaming company to receive this designation at a national level. 

By meeting the criteria required for a Platinum Medallion Award, the highest level of the program, AGS “demonstrated both patriotism and recognition of the value veterans bring to the workplace,” according to the U.S. Department of Labor.

In an official press release, AGS President and Chief Executive Officer David Lopez, an eight-year military veteran, said, “At AGS we recognize that because of their backgrounds and experience, veterans bring leadership, diversity, and a spirit of collaboration to our company where they are valuable contributors to our success. We have made a firm commitment to not only hire more veterans, but to provide support and resources to our veteran employees and their families so they can thrive at work and in their communities. We’re honored to receive the Platinum Medallion through HIRE Vets and remain passionate about further bolstering our veteran’s initiatives.”

Veterans make up approximately 11% of AGS’ overall workforce. “AGS empowers and supports its veteran employees and their families in their communities with a focus on quality of life – housing, spirituality, education, health, recreation, and access to benefits. AGS is also dedicated to honoring the U.S. military through a variety of community outreach initiatives and support of local and national veteran’s organizations”, the company stated.