Alleged Poker Scammer and Convicted Sex Offender Eric Conti Released From Prison

Alleged Poker Scammer and Convicted Sex Offender Eric Conti Released From Prison

23 Aug

A number of angry backers who staked Eric Conti in WSOP action more than a decade ago only to see their money disappear may be interested to know that Conti was released from a Florida prison last year.

All signs point to Conti not making good on the staking arrangement agreed to via the poker forum 2+2 for the 2011 WSOP, with Conti apparently a no-show at a number of events that he was supposed to be playing. The word on the street is that the rising poker star absconded with the staked funds totaling thousands of dollars.

Doing Time

While his backers had a hard time getting ahold of Conti to find out why he ghosted, it was learned years later that Conti was experiencing some hard time of his own — in a Florida prison. A conviction on two counts of attempted sexual battery on victims under 12 years of age in December, 2016 resulted in an 8-year prison sentence.

Adding to the repulsive nature of that charge was the fact that Conti’s victims were twin boys that he reportedly adopted. Victims of his alleged poker scam were all adults, however, and some may be eager to talk to Conti now that the incarceration portion of his debt to society has been paid.

News of Conti being let out of prison was posted on 2+2 earlier this year by ‘vizion1’ who stated:

“Fwiw, he’s released and his permanent address is listed here:
If any backers want to go have a talk with him after all these years.” Conti reached out for backers with a 16-event package in April 2011 for that year’s upcoming WSOP. The tournament buy-ins totaled $47,000 and Conti had aims of selling 80% of his action.

Promising Talent

A poker resume that included victories and some deep runs in online events at PokerStars and Full Tilt under the moniker ‘OnlyPlayRagz’ gave Conti credibility with the poker forumites. As did several posters who vouched for him, only to regret doing so later. “To this day it still tilts me hard when I hear his name mentioned anywhere. It is disgusting the money he stole and even more disgusting what was linked above. It is frustrating to be linked to his OP as a reference and I am sorry that several of my friends were used as references and to those who were scammed by this package,” posted ‘Aznpowr11’ in 2014. Conti did make it to Las Vegas that year and reportedly played only one WSOP event, $2,500 8-Game, where a 39th place finish was good for $5,740. His promise to keep his backers updated on his progress in all events of the package went unfulfilled.

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