Allen Kessler Infuriated After He was Penalized For Eating Pizza In The Gaming Area

Allen Kessler Infuriated After He was Penalized For Eating Pizza In The Gaming Area

13 Jul

Allen Kessler was angry after he was penalized by the Orleans Casino for eating in the gaming area. The American poker player states that after being asked to leave the room, he did so and came back still chewing, which was reason enough for the floorman to grant a one-round exclusion.

He tweeted noting that no one would believe him:

“I returned from break with a pizza crust in my hand @OrleansPokerRo1 $400 horse. No food, says the floor. I completed it by looking down at my cards and walking away from the area. I return, still eating it, and the floor man yells one round penalty!”

Kessler and the same floorman had a dispute a few hours before the encounter about being relocated improperly when late registration was still underway.

Enraged Kessler

The American poker player, also known by the moniker “CHAINSAW,” was irritated by the infraction of proper protocol and upset the staff member by sidestepping him and expressing his dissatisfaction with another floor. “The floor at @OrleansPokerRo1 was unhappy because I went to another floor and informed them he didn’t grasp the fundamental principles of moving/balancing players throughout open registration. As a result, he utilized this opportunity to get revenge. Very petty. There was no cause for things to escalate the way they did.”

Is Allen Kessler going too far?

Kessler’s reaction may have seemed to be blowing things out of proportion to many spectators. Nonetheless, the “Chainsaw” is a fanatic about the rules and insists on everything done the right way.

He is likely right in this instance when assessing the trivial retribution aspect of the earlier conflict.

Kessler is now seeking an apology from the Orleans Poker Room, the concerned floor, and the Executive Director of Poker of the Orleans.

He did, however, refrain from calling for a boycott, which would have been childish. Kessler noted this was only because the senior management had received his grievance and guaranteed they would look into the matter.

If we’re being candid, this all looks like a bizarre ruckus. People on Twitter stated that this was the only poker room in the neighborhood that prohibited eating at the table.

Considering Phil Hellmuth’s recent behavior of eating a sandwich while playing, maybe all poker rooms should contemplate a general ban to prevent repeat such incidents.

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