Amplify Horse Racing Brings Back Mentorship Program for 2022

Amplify Horse Racing Brings Back Mentorship Program for 2022

Amplify Horse Racing, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit promoting education and careers in the Thoroughbred industry to youth and young adults, has reopened its mentorship program application for 2022. The program formalizes the process of pairing young adults interested in pursuing a Thoroughbred industry career with experienced industry professionals who can offer guidance.

The initial pilot program, launched in 2021, matched 12 individuals from eight different states with industry mentors. The pairs worked together for three months to develop their knowledge of the Thoroughbred industry and create an educational plan that included tailoring resumes to be applicable to the industry, shadowing mentors at industry events, and applying for jobs and training programs.

Nearly all mentees from 2021 have since taken steps toward pursuing a career in the industry by enrolling in college equine programs, being hired for industry internships and jobs, or targeting vet school.

The objectives of the program are:

  • Improve accessibility of the Thoroughbred industry
  • Develop newcomers’ understanding of the industry by leveraging the passion, knowledge, and experience of industry professionals
  • Facilitate meaningful conversations between young adults and industry professionals about employment expectations
  • Create a pathway to employment by connecting education and workforce

Mentee candidates should demonstrate a strong interest to learn and desire to work in the Thoroughbred industry. The suggested age range is 18-25, and there are no restrictions based on academic achievement. Amplify prioritizes applicants with little to no industry work experience, and they must be residents of the United States or Canada. The 2022 program application timeline is Jan. 10 through Aug. 12, and the program duration for each mentor-mentee pair is three months, as determined by acceptance and start date. Eligible mentors can apply at any time.

Amplify Horse Racing is driven by Annise Montplaisir, the organization’s co-founder and president, and Equine Education Coordinator for the Kentucky Equine Education Project (KEEP) Foundation.

“I am pumped for Amplify Horse Racing to resume offering this mentorship program,” said Montplaisir. “It is an amazing inlet for young adults to take their first steps into the industry with the guidance of someone who has already navigated that path. Additionally, it’s a great way for industry employers to positively educate about the sport, the jobs that are in high demand, and the best way to prepare for a career.”

“The Amplify Mentorship Program is a fantastic way for students with an interest in exploring careers in the Thoroughbred industry to make connections and develop a professional network,” said Jen Roytz, who served as a mentor in 2021. “Amplify does a fantastic job of laying out a framework for the mentors and mentees to follow, allowing students to gain an appreciation for the array of career opportunities that may be complementary to their college major, work experience, strengths and interests.”

“The Amplify Horse Racing Mentorship is an amazing way to make connections and network within the industry,” said Trisha Smith, a 2021 mentee. “I do not come from an industry background, and feel that programs like this are crucial to help new people get into the sport. Everyone I met as a result of the program was so helpful during my job search. [Program coordinator] Annise Montplaisir was very supportive throughout the program, and because of various job posts she sent me, I am now living my dream and working in the Thoroughbred industry.”

To learn more about the program and apply today, visit, and contact for more information.