Armed Robbers Steal Gambler’s $40k Winnings Outside Illinois Casino

Armed Robbers Steal Gambler’s k Winnings Outside Illinois Casino

14 Nov

Celebrating a $40,000 win was short-lived for one Illinois gambler this week after her was robbed of the huge cash windfall in the casino’s parking garage.

34-year-old Cordero Supe was leaving the Rivers Casino, close to Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport, at roughly 2:30am on Tuesday, November 9th, when he was robbed.

Supe claimed that two bandana-wearing robbers driving a blue four-door sedan pulled up beside him as he prepared to leave, and ordered him to hand over the money at gunpoint.

They also took his keys and phone, but Supe was able to use another phone to take a pic of the fleeing robbers’ vehicle.

He believes he was set up for the robbery, claiming the fact that the armed thieves asked for the specific amount of cash “looked real suspicious.”

“There was a young lady that I saw, I said hello to,” Supe told CBS Chicago local news, adding: “She stood behind me for about an hour, two hours. She knew exactly how much I had to the T.”

Supe was also left unimpressed by the casino’s response, though he admitted he ought to have taken a cheque or asked for an escort to his car.

“I felt like Rivers would’ve protected me. I am a black card member who spends hundreds of thousands of dollars up here. I had to run back inside to tell them what happened,” he said.

There are reports of several other robberies taking place in the Rivers’ parking garage, three alone reported on August 4th.

The casino claims to have improved its security measures, releasing a statement that reads:

“The safety and security of guests and team members is Rivers’ top priority. Given the environment, Rivers has indefinitely increased exterior security patrols 24/7 as part of a property-wide enhancement of additional security and surveillance measures.”

PokerTube has shared multiple incidents involving armed robberies at casinos, ranging from Tom “3BetPanda” Steinbach’s horror shooting to Joe Salvaggio being robbed of his Main Event entry in the Rio casino car park during the WSOP.

We reported just last month on Filipp Khavin’s ordeal, the Florida poker pro now suing the owners of Derby Lane Poker Room for $30,000 after being shot in the stomach while walking to his car after a highstakes cash game in 2019.

One of the most infamous of casino robbers, the Bellagio masked bandit, was shot dead during a shootout with police in the casino’s car park, the incident caught on camera.

Michael Charles Cohen, a convicted bank robber, had robbed the Bellagio’s cashier cage in 2017, but when he attempted the same brazen theft in 2019 he was less successful.

Police officers already on the scene investigating a missing person case quickly identified Cohen – who wore bandages on his face during both robberies – as the suspect.

After refusing orders to surrender, Cohen shot one police officer in the chest before being shot in the head himself, dying in hospital the following day. The officer was saved from serious injury by his bulletproof vest.

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