Atlantic City Casino Strike Looms Ahead of Holiday

Atlantic City Casino Strike Looms Ahead of Holiday

Just as things were going so good, an Atlantic City casino strike threatens to completely derail the huge 4th of July weekend for the popular New Jersey resort town. If the workers do walk off their jobs, tourists can still expect the resorts to remain open, although service may be somewhat lacking.

Employees from some of the most popular resorts in the town, including the Borgata, Harrah’s, Caesars, and the Tropicana, are set to walk off their jobs Friday morning if their demands for new contracts with “significant” pay increases are not met.If that’s the case, employees from the Hard Rock are expected to follow suit on Sunday.

Both Bally’s and Ocean resorts have come to an understanding with their employees and the union and will not face the looming Atlantic City casino strike. Also, the Golden Nugget is currently not looking at a walk out either, as the Union states they have not yet negotiated terms with them.

The Unionized workers say the increase is necessary to keep up with the ever increasing costs for food and rent, as well as other items like gasoline. Additionally, the workers believe they have done more that their part to help these properties survive the pandemic, and now they should be compensated.

Last week we reported that New Jersey gambling revenue had finally returned to pre-pandemic levels, bringing in over $440 million in the month of April. Now, an Atlantic City casino strike could set back economic recovery by months or worse.