Aussie Accountant Stole AU$1.5m to Fund Gambling

Aussie Accountant Stole AU.5m to Fund Gambling

03 Aug

The attorneys of an Australian accountant who admitted to embezzling AU $1.5 million (US $1.03 million) from two former employers to support a cocaine and gambling addiction informed the court in Victoria, Australia, that their client Adam Crowe had bipolar disorder.

Lawyer notified the County Court of Victoria that a psychiatric evaluation of 43-year-old Crowe indicated he suffered from bipolar disorder.

Misappropriating Funds

Authorities hold the bookkeeper and father of five in custody after confessing to stealing over AU $710,000 (US $490,171) from Melbourne River Cruises between 2014 and 2017. Along with over AU $790,000 (US $544,401) from Melbourne software and hardware solutions business on Q Digital between 2017 and 2020.

Crowe pled guilty in October 2020 to two charges of fraud. The court previously heard that the accountant used the funds to finance his drug and gambling addictions, which started following the divorce of his marriage in 2012.

His attorneys stated that they wanted to provide additional medical reports before his sentence.

As per The West Australian, Judge Duncan Allen questioned the proposed use of fresh evidence, claiming that “Crowe had no history of depression or mania.”

Furthermore, Crowe’s defense lawyers informed the court that he denied having any mental health issues despite taking cocaine several times per week.

Gambling Addiction

Crowe looted funds from his work into a fake bank account as his cocaine addiction and drug bills worsened. The dishonest accountant passed off the payments as regular purchases of necessities, such as food, drinks, and electricity.

The Sun reported in October 2020 that Crowe had developed a gambling addiction after trying to repay the cash he stole. Crowe’s lawyer indicated that their client regularly bet on sportsbooks, Sportsbet, TAB, and other apps before visiting Crown Melbourne’s casino hours four times a week to win big.

Crowe is supposed to testify in the County Court of Victoria on August 12th, 2022. In response to the defense’s latest ploy, the prosecution stated that it would submit its medical expert if Crowe’s lawyers presented a psychiatric assessment.

Judge Allen stated in October that authorities might consider Crowe’s character prior to his actions. “The feeling of identity as a spouse, provider, and parent is a source of great emotional strain for many individuals,” Judge Allen remarked.

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