AviaGames Unveils Its Newest Mobile Browser-Based Game Solution

AviaGames is the company behind the popular Bingo Tour app and is most famous for its Pocket7Games platform allowing users to earn real money while playing. The developer realizes the value of accessibility in today’s dynamic online environment, making its newest WebGame project a significant milestone. AviaGames has worked hard to create a fun and engaging experience, retaining existing players while opening the doors for a significantly broader user base.

The WebGame Supports Most Mobile Devices

Pocket7Games WebGame opens up AviaGames’ roster of games, branching out from a dedicated app to a browser-based solution. The new update allows users to enjoy their favorite skill-based titles anytime, anywhere. The browser version of Pocket7Games already supports over 80% of the app’s functionality. Vital features like prize withdrawals remain fully functional, allowing players to claim their winnings seamlessly and without issue.

Transitioning to a 100% browser-based experience can be challenging, but the AviaGames team has managed to preserve most of the app’s features. Gameplay remains the same, so barring some slight layout and interaction updates, returning players should feel right at home. AviaGames founder and CEO Vickie Chen noted that the changes would help bring Pocket7Games’ titles to even more users.

AviaGames is focused on… creating an inclusive space where all gamers can come and enjoy their favorite games, no matter what platform they are on.

Vickie Chen, AviaGames founder, and CEO

Existing players can interchangeably use the app and the WebGame, keeping their gameplay and prize history in sync. The browser-based portal currently only works on mobile devices, and AviaGames has not mentioned whether they intend to expand the functionality to desktops. Users attempting to open the website via a PC instead receive a QR code to download the Pocket7Games app.

AviaGames has made waves in the mobile social competition market thanks to its diverse selection of engaging titles, promising players real-money rewards. The developer’s Pocket7Games platform offers access to over 15 unique skill-based games across several genres. The most popular games like Bingo Tour, Match ‘n Flip, and 21 Gold are also standalone apps.

The developer recently partnered with the nonprofit organization Women Who Code to celebrate international women’s history month with several events on the Pocket7Game platform. Such seasonal offerings allow AviaGames to keep its players engaged and contribute to worthy causes like supporting diverse women in technology careers. The event also had special promotions for new users, encouraging hesitant players to sign up.