AZ Attorney General Teams Up With Casino Lobby

AZ Attorney General Teams Up With Casino Lobby

The state of Arizona has linked up with the commercial casino industry’s top political lobbying group to advance a message on gambling within your means.

Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich said in a presser this week that he “wants Arizonans to safely enjoy recreational gaming and newly-legalized sports betting.”

The AG’s office is teaming up with the American Gaming Association “to promote gaming literacy and remind bettors to gamble responsibly.”

“Gambling attitudes have become quite positive over the past decade, fueling more opportunities than ever for enthusiasts,” said Attorney General Mark Brnovich. “History has taught us that a robust regulatory structure and programs assisting people with gambling disorders will be essential to sustaining the public’s long-term trust and support for the industry.”

According to the AGA, regulated casino gambling revenue broke a record last year, grossing $53 billion in the U.S. In less than a year of legalization, Arizona has brought in nearly $18.5 million in tax revenue from sports gambling. That translates to more than $180 million in industry revenue, as the state takes a roughly 10% cut.

The state is one of more than 30 in the nation with some kind of legal sportsbooks.

According to the National Center for Problem Gambling, an estimated two million adult Americans are severely addicted to gambling. According to studies, as many as 10% of adults experience some type of gambling issue, which would translate to more than 20 million with gambling addiction.

September marked one year of legal sports betting in the state of Arizona. Through July, Arizonans have wagered over $5 billion on sports.

“In April of 2021, Governor Doug Ducey signed legislation and the amended Tribal-State Gaming Compacts that legalized sports betting and a number of other casino games in the state. In just under five months from signing, ADG worked diligently with the public and stakeholders to efficiently and responsibly set up these new industries,” said Ted Vogt, the Arizona Department of Gaming director.

Currently, Arizona has 18 mobile sports betting operators and 25 different authorized retail sports betting facilities.