Bag Snatching Reported at High-Stakes Poker Table in Las Vegas

Bag Snatching Reported at High-Stakes Poker Table in Las Vegas

20 Mar

A spate of thefts have been reported at some of the high-stakes poker tables in Las Vegas casinos. Tournament star Chris Brewer tweeted that he had become aware of two cases of players having their bags stolen at tables spreading $50/$100 NL+, which started a slew of replies affirming many other cases.

Have heard two stories of people playing 50/100+ and having bags stolen at table while playing in Vegas this week. Just an FYI to people playing high stakes to be careful about having money in backpacks that can be swiped. Know from personal experience how much that sucks.

— Chris Brewer (@Chris_D_Brewer) March 11, 2022

Straight after posting the original tweet Brewer himself was informed of another case where a player had $100,000 stolen in a $100/$200 game.

Veronica Brill confirmed that this took place in the Aria Casino while she was present.

There was a high stakes going on on the upper floor of the aria poker room. One of the guys from that game came over to talk to me and he told me that someone just got their backpack stolen with over 100k in it.

— Veronica Brill (@Angry_Polak) March 11, 2022

Anyone with an ounce of sense will be thinking about the space age camera network spread around any Las Vegas casino: so why not get digging right away?

David Williams pointed this out and was told by Johnnie Vibes:

“From I’ve heard casinos aren’t helpful. It’s a job for metro and they’re spread thin.” Williams reckons that he’s seen the bosses go to the cameras to check who didn’t drop an ante in for a single hand. Who knows?

Given the amounts going missing here we can surely assume the police will get involved and all relevant camera footage will be reviewed.

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