Becoming a Bookie Has Never Been Easier –

Becoming a Bookie Has Never Been Easier –

Key Points

– Advances in sportsbook software have made becoming a bookie much easier than in the past.

– The pay per head industry makes it easy for those interested to become bookies.

Becoming a Bookie Makes Sense

You have a love for sports and, on top of that, you have a love for betting on sports. Why not combine your passion for both and run your own business? 

Becoming a bookie has never been easier. The rise of the sportsbook software industry, internet technology, and the general increase in the popularity of sports betting has created opportunities for individuals that want a career in running a sportsbook. 

How do you get started?

What Is Pay Per Head?

The big reason why it has never been easier to become a bookie is the growth of the pay per head industry. Pay per head services are companies that provide the software necessary to run a sportsbook online. The industry was in its infancy in the late 1990s and has grown tremendously over the last decade.

What a pay per head (PPH) service does is essentially automate all of the processes needed to run a sportsbook. The software takes care of deposits and withdrawals. It includes a full betting board. Customers can set up their betting accounts using a computer or smart device. 

Everything needed to operate the business is included in the software. In return, the bookie pays a fee to the pay per head service. The fee is equal to a set amount per head – per bettor using the service.

If you have 12 bettors and 10 of them use the sportsbook to place a bet during a given week, the bookie is charged a fee – $10 per head is the standard – for each of the 10 bettors. In this case, 10 bettors at $10 is equal to $100.

With an understanding of what pay per head services do, aspiring bookies can begin to look for one.

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What to Look for in a PPH to Become a Bookie

The decision to partner with a pay per head service can be the most important choice a bookie makes. The bookie should take the time to research and find the best PPH that meets all of his needs. is known throughout the industry to meet the needs of all private bookmakers.

It begins with names you can trust. It’s like making any major purchase. Buyers will trust certain names. One reason why is that they have been in business a long time. Businesses – and pay per head companies – don’t stay in business if they aren’t providing quality products.

Once you have established some solid names you can trust, you can then begin narrowing down the search. One of the first things to consider is simply the betting board.

Keep Up With Technology

In today’s age of sports betting, there is one thing to keep in mind. If you don’t have the action, bettors will go somewhere else to find it. The size of the betting board is important and if a PPH can’t provide you with all the options you move onto the next one.

For example, live betting. If you’re not offering live, in-game betting, you’re sure to lose a ton of business.

Also of importance is the user experience. If bettors have any issues with the user interface, they will go somewhere else. Remember, most bettors are interacting with their sportsbook via a smartphone. If the experience isn’t easy and seamless, you won’t stand a chance against the competition.

Prospective bookies should also take into account things like deposit and withdrawal methods, safety and security, and the customer service element. The customer service is important because that one item reduces the demand on a bookie. All issues are handled by a fully staffed customer service call center. That is part of what you pay for when partnering with a PPH.

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Run a Free Trial

The best pay per head services in the industry will offer prospective buyers a free trial. Trials differ among PPH services, but typically one will allow at least two weeks for a bookie to get a feel for how the service meets one’s needs.

Bookies get a full test drive of a PPH’s services. They can see first-hand how it operates and how it helps the bookie operate his sportsbook. If a pay per head doesn’t offer a free trial, that may be a red flag. 

Most services also offer bookies the ability to set up demo accounts. This is another way for bookies to get an idea of how a certain pay per head service’s software works.

Make the Decision & Become a Bookie!

Once a bookie has done all the legwork, the decision is made and within a short amount of time (sometimes 24 to 48 hours) the sportsbook is up and running. It’s that fast.

If you are considering a career in the industry, it has never been easier to become a bookie.


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