Beginners Guide To Betting On Football In The New Season

Football is back underway for the 2022/23 season and this one is extra special as it includes the Qatar World Cup, which starts in November and carries on into December. This is going to be an unusual and all the more interesting season because never before have we seen a mid-season halt for the World Cup, which normally takes place in the summer months. But due to it being held in Qatar this time round, for the safety of players and fans, it is being held mid-season. We will let you make up your own mind on whether you think that is the right thing or whether it should’ve been held elsewhere to keep up with tradition.

Back to the football leagues, we have created the ultimate beginners guide to help you increase your chances of winning and give you extra guidance. 


Choosing The Right Bookmaker

The first thing you need to get right is choosing the best betting site to place your bets on. With the market being so saturated, it can be extremely difficult to find the best ones and can take far too long reading through endless reviews. That’s why we recommend choosing a betting exchange to place your predictions, the reason for this is they offer better odds than your typical bookmakers as you are betting against other players rather than the actual betting company.


Betting Markets

There are some betting markets that are certainly undervalued by customers and should get more recognition than they do. In hindsight you could say they are hidden gems that you can now take advantage of. 

Draw no bet is one of those betting markets. This entails betting on the outcome of a match and if it ends as a draw, you get your wager back. So essentially you have the possibility of winning, the possibility of getting your stake back and then only one possibility of losing instead of two. 

Another one that is very popular and for good reason is the accumulator bets. These allow you to win big from small stakes, or big stakes if you really fancy your chances. Accumulator bets are when you bet on multiple outcomes in the same bet, which means that you need all of the outcomes to win in order to collect your winnings. Obviously, the more outcomes you add, the higher the odds go because there is more to rely on but certainly these bet types are very doable and can be very promising. They aren’t optimistic by any stretch of the imagination. 


Teams To Back

Of course, it goes without saying you need to be smart with the teams that you back. There are many ways that you can do this. Research is vital in this regard, be looking into recent forms, injured players, opponents form, home/ away and recent history between the teams. These are just some of the key points which can all contribute to a justified decision, one that could win you a lot of money.

Take the current season for example, it would obviously be a wise choice to back Manchester City in pretty much all of their games seeing as they rarely lose. Not only that but if you look at their form in recent seasons, there are certain teams that you could guarantee they will score 4+ goals against and keep a clean sheet. The same goes for any sport so football is no different.

Don’t let biasness get in the way of your predictions. We know Manchester United are one of the most supported teams in the world but unfortunately, with their recent form, they are not worth backing so it is time to stop backing them in hope that they might turn it around! They next face Liverpool at home and if things are to go like they did last year then they face another humiliation.

There are also many tipsters online that give out free tips as well as tips tailored for their members, these can be useful at times as there is normally good research behind the predictions and they share their analysis too. Look into what they do to find their tips and use it on your predictions moving forward. Don’t expect it to work on every bet more more often than not you will come out on top.