Best Ways to Make Money Gambling Online

30 Aug

Online gambling has been around for almost 30 years now. The industry started off in the earliest days of the internet with casino sites popping up in 1994 following the Free Trade & Processing Act passed in Antigua and Barbuda, where licenses were easy to acquire. In 1996, Intertops launched the first online bookmakers and over the following two years more than 100 competitors set up shop.

Over the last couple of decades, the number of ways to make money gambling online has increased massively. Every niche in the industry has seen a constant flow of creative ideas to provide users with entertaining ways to wager in one fashion or another.

So which are the best ways to make money gambling online? The answer, as always, depends. Each gambler has their own preferences so let’s take a look at what the options are in 2022.

Online Poker

Poker has to be the most interesting way to make money gambling online. Rich, strategical, and incredibly complex, the game is an intellectual challenge that allows players to compete against each other rather than the house which, as we know, always wins in the long run.

The game has gotten much tougher in the last decade as training content is now available to everyone, enabling a much faster rise through the ranks than before for players prepared to dedicate themselves to the game.

Even so, it’s a fact that poker remains a great way to make money online. Definitely our favourite choice.

Sports Betting/Trading

Sports betting has been around as long as there have been sports but is it a good way to make money? It’s definitely a tougher prospect than online poker but still possible.

The problem is that online bookmakers are notorious for banning profitable gamblers—known as gubbing—or at the very least heavily limiting the amount they can stake. For this reason, sports betting is not a great way to make money online using traditional online bookmakers.

Where sports betting can become a more realistic prospect is on a betting exchange. When Betfair arrived on the scene two decades ago, the firm revolutionised bookmaking by allowing users to offer odds and accept them between each other for a small commission. There is no banning of profitable gamblers here.

One other method of gambling that arose from these betting exchanges was what is known as sports trading. Rather than betting for or against an event to occur, traders can develop strategies designed around the movement of the odds in a similar fashion to financial trading. This niche has grown in popularity massively over the last decade with many seeing it as more fun than simply punting on something like a football match.

Online Casinos

There’s no doubt that the house always wins in the end in a casino or they simply wouldn’t be able to remain open. But fans of these types of games can go on hot streaks and build up a decent size bank during the good times.

Players who are prepared to accept that they are donating while experiencing frequent wins can at least be happy in the knowledge that there will be some big wins coming their way at some point or another. As a money making endeavour, this is only for real casino fans and not for long term profit like the suggestions above.

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