» Bet These NFL Teams to Win Super Bowl Now and Guarantee Profit

» Bet These NFL Teams to Win Super Bowl Now and Guarantee Profit

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As the 2021 NFL season heads into its ninth week, there are a handful of teams that have emerged as true contenders to win Super Bowl LVI. The question is which one should you bet on? What if there was a way you could simply bet on all of them and still win? There is.

The Best Bets

Checking the latest Super Bowl LVI odds, there are five teams listed at better than +1000. Those five teams should surprise no one. They are as follows.

Buffalo +500

Tampa Bay +550

LA Rams +650

Green Bay +900

Dallas +900

The Bills sit atop the AFC East and currently hold the fourth seed in the AFC. Green Bay is the top seed in the NFC currently at 7-1. Dallas (6-1) is third and the Rams are the first wild card in at 7-1.

Tennessee, Las Vegas, and Baltimore hold the top three seeds in the AFC, but none of the three are given better than +1200 odds to win. The Titans lost RB Derrick Henry for the season with a foot injury, the Raiders aren’t the picture of Super Bowl caliber defense, and the Ravens can’t even get to an AFC title game.

That leaves this top 5 from which to choose. 


The Recipe

There’s a certain recipe that typically wins Super Bowls. It begins first and foremost with the most important position in all of sports – quarterback. Teams that lack an elite quarterback rarely play for Super Bowls. 

Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy but Nick Foles will not be in the Hall of Fame.

Taking the past six Lombardi Trophy winners, the list of quarterbacks – minus one – is a list of future (or current) Hall of Famers. One guy, Tom Brady, has won three of those six Super Bowl wins. The others are Patrick Mahomes, Peyton Manning, and the outlier is Philadelphia’s Nick Foles. 

In addition, the quarterback needs weapons because in today’s NFL good offense beats good defense. Brady has WRs like Mike Evans, Antonio Brown, and Chris Godwin as well as TE Rob Gronkowski and others. Mahomes has a number of targets including Tyreek Hill and TE Travis Kelce. 

Good offense beating good defense doesn’t mean that defense is irrelevant. On the contrary, Super Bowl winners typically have top 15 defenses. For example, last year Tampa Bay finished seventh in scoring defense, eighth in total defense and had the NFL’s best run defense.

Taking all this into account, we can go ahead and place our bets and virtually guarantee a win.


Place Your Bets

Of the top five teams in the Super Bowl odds list, all have an elite level quarterback. Each quarterback has his set of weapons, but one of the five teams does lack the caliber of defense needed to win a Super Bowl. 

AD leads a defense which could get the job done should they return to the Super Bowl

All five teams rank in the top 15 in scoring defense. Two teams rank outside the top 15 in total defense – the Cowboys and the Rams. Los Angeles has had one of the better defenses in the NFL for the past few years. Aaron Donald has won three NFL Defensive Player of the Year awards, but the Rams struggled earlier this season. They are currently 21st in total defense but rank 10th in points allowed per game. Plus, they just signed another former DPOY in LB Von Miller.

Dallas ranks 15th in scoring defense and 18th in total defense. While Trevon Diggs has had a monumental season with seven interceptions already, the Cowboys are actually the 28th-ranked pass defense. That’s not good in a passing league. That’s why we’ll leave out the Cowboys and take the Bills, Bucs, Rams, and Packers.

We’ll place a $100 on each team to win Super Bowl LVI. That’s $400 total. No matter which team wins, we’re guaranteed a positive return on our investment. If the Packers win, you stand to make the most money ($550). Bet these futures at one of our top ranked sportsbooks now.