BetOnline & TigerGaming Switching to Tether USDT

BetOnline & TigerGaming Switching to Tether USDT

07 Nov

BetOnline and TigerGaming are planning to switch cryptocurrency payments over to Tether (USDT) from the volatile Bitcoin (BTC).

They announced that affiliate payments will be transacted exclusively in Tether (USDT) to help avoid the large swings in market value that BTC often sees.

Regular users should expect the change to apply to them as the selection of cryptocurrency options reduces over time, moving in step with many other sites who plan to use USDT ERC20 as standard.

For the time being, platform users will retain access to a wide range of cryptocurrencies for deposits and withdrawals.

  • Tether (USDT) is pegged to the US Dollar 1 to 1, often referred to as a stablecoin
  • Tether (USDT) is the largest and one of the most reliable stablecoins on the market
  • BTC is highly-volatile on a day-to-day basis, market value can fluctuate at any moment

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