Billionaire Restarts Genting Cruises Under Resorts World Brand

In Summary:

  • Lim Kok Thay, the chairman of Genting Group, restarts cruises with a new line
  • Resorts World Cruises is to try and take over the ships owned by Genting Hong Kong
  • Lim is confident in the success of the business

Image Source: (Photo by EQRoy)

Cruise ships took a hit during the pandemic, but their story is far from over. Genting Group chairman Lim Kok Thay believes that a new line he has launched will have better luck than his previous venture, Genting Hong Kong. The new cruise line, aptly called Resorts World Cruises, is starting on June 15 and it will leave from Singapore.

COVID-19 Recovery Brings Back Cruises

This comes on the tail of Genting filing for bankruptcy protection. Meanwhile, Resorts World Cruises is now trying to bring back some 1,600 people along with anything between 70 and 100 of its former sales and marketing teams. This means that cruises will once again be crisscrossing the seas as COVID-19 fears subside and travelers hope to get in on the action.

The first ship that will set sail is Genting Dream, previously owned by Genting Hong Kong. The new venture is seeking to buy the remainder of the ships as well. Resorts World Cruises CEO Colin Au, formerly of Genting Hong Kong, said that it would have been impossible to restart the brand under the Dream Cruises banner. Instead, the name Resorts World Cruises has been picked. Lim commented on the name:

“We started our cruise operations 30 years ago and we are excited to again launch the first Resorts World Cruises in Singapore, the first country to re-open cruising in the region. Resorts World Cruises will have its headquarters in Singapore and is committed to making Singapore the leading cruise hub in Asia.”

Genting Group chairman Lim Kok Thay

Cruises were enjoying a strong annual growth until the pandemic hit and hailed travel. In Asia alone, the industry was worth anything in the vicinity of $150 billion, and the Cruise Lines International Association reported that a total of 39 cruise brands were active back in 2019. Showing his acumen as a smart business, Lim said that Resorts World Cruises will offer complimentary cruise credits that will be awarded to anyone who may have been impacted by the World Dream cruise cancellations.