Bilzerian Suggests His GGPoker Collaboration May Be Over

Dan Bilzerian’s controversial business relationship with GGPoker may finally be over for good according to the latest interview of the self-proclaimed poker playboy on the No Jumper YouTube channel.

No Fan of Fake Content

Bilzerian was asked by the interviewer to elaborate on the partnership with GGPoker which began in December 2020 when the online poker brand named him a brand ambassador and he explained why things did not work out as expected.

“I don’t know. I couldn’t post. I couldn’t promote. It just seemed cheesy. I get offered so much money to do promos. I just don’t have the heart to do it. I just won’t sell out,” he replied.

In March, GGPoker removed his name, image, and emojis from its website and erased or renamed all promotions with Bilzerian’s participation, stirring rumors that the partnership had been terminated but weeks later posted an official statement to dismiss claims of the rift between the parties and confirm Bilzerian as a partner.

Bilzerian then outlined that his expectations of how the collaboration should evolve were not aligned with the operator’s ideas of his contribution and content.

“The whole premise of it was they were going to put me in high stake cash games, and I was going to get the content there. It wasn’t meant to be me sitting on a laptop. When the deal regressed, I wasn’t going to come up with fake content.”

Dan Bilzerian

Affiliate Fees Issue

He also noted that issues around his affiliate revenue share weighed in despite the good start of the collaboration in which he created content for GGPoker. Bilzerian claimed he had brought about 100,000 people to GGPoker but the operator did not pay him the promised affiliate revenue.

“They weren’t really paying me the affiliate revenue, so we just agreed to end it,” he added, suggesting that the parties had severed the link, a suggestion GGPoker has not confirmed in any way so far.

The conversation then switched to the subject of those from the poker community who did not approve of his partnership with GGPoker giving Bilzerian another excuse to vent at online poker players who he believes are just “nerds,” and while he is a friend with the real poker guys such as Antonio, Jungleman, Roble, and Ivey, he “does not really give a f**k” about the bunch of online grinders out there.

Bilzerian told the host he was surprised that GGPoker defended him when he clashed with Vanessa Kade and told her “to f**k off or whatever.”

Kade commented back in February that Bilzerian’s appointment was “a huge step backwards” for GGPoker and while the operator disapproved of the derogatory language Bilzerian used in response to Kade, the operator stated the partnership was set “to move forward in positive ways,” retaining Bilzerian as its ambassador.