Bitch Comments Leave Ebony Kenney Furious at Joey Ingram Interview

Bitch Comments Leave Ebony Kenney Furious at Joey Ingram Interview

16 Sep

Ebony Kenney’s incredible week of poker descended into acrimony when an interview with Joey Ingram saw his chat repeatedly using the word “bitches” – an angry and disappointed Ebony immediately ending the chat…

The poker world has been enthralled by Kenney’s run at the Triton Poker SHR series this past week, the ACR pro taking two 5th place finishes for a total of more than $2million against the toughest opposition out there.

However, it was her invitation from ACR head honcho Phil Nagy to the $200k Coin Rivet Invitational event – rather than her excellent play that led to a $1.7million result – seemed uppermost in Ingram and the audience’s mind.

Kenney, who usually plays at much lower stakes, naturally didn’t want to disclose how much of the monster payday she would keep. This is in line with almost all pros, very few publicly revealing their backing/staking deals.

What she did reveal was that she was only Nagy’s 5th or 6th choice to accompany him to the $200k buy-in, amateur-invites-pro tournament.

That was a clear, in fact massive, step up for Kenney who averaged a $1000-$1500 buy-in for her last two WSOP schedules by way of comparison.

“I played everything from $300 to $5k,” she told Ingram, but what was a generally good-natured conversation later went downhill…

Bitches or Opinions?

Kenney caught sight of the chat in which someone, who turned out to be a mod named DarkAngel7091, posted: “Women need to stop being bitches and fighting each other.”

When Ingram dismissed it as “everyone has their own opinion”, Kenney took issue with him.

“Joey, Joey, we can’t have comments like ‘women need to stop being bitches and fighting each other’ and then you say ‘everyone has their own opinion’. That’s exactly why the poker environment is as toxic as it is right now because we let comments like this to live, and we just downplay it as an opinion.”

Irish pro David K Lappin believes Ebony got the wrong end of the stick in this instance with the mod’s comment…

…although it was far from the only time the word was used in the chat by others.

Calling Ingram out over his lackadaisical approach to censoring toxic comments had little effect, however, with the popular podcaster stating:

“I’m leading my community, I need to be able to dictate what people can say.” The tone had fallen dramatically and when he appeared to defend another comment using the word “bitch” Kenney gave up trying to convince him, stating: “Ok, I’m gonna go,” and that was it – interview over.
“Going in on someone so hard asking to explain the actions of another person while glazing over a guest accused of cheating & a friend “shilling” a crypto site that fucked people over is not only bad optics, it’s shit behavior,” tweeted Kenney later.

Ingram hasn’t had a great time of it recently, his return to the poker sphere seeing an interview with Bryn Kenney fail to hit the mark and now this rather sad end to what should have been a celebration of the other Kenney’s huge success.

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