Caesars Steps Up the Fight against Problem Gambling

Caesars Entertainment joined National Problem Gambling Awareness Month with an official press release detailing the company’s continued commitment to the cause. Its updated self-exclusion program and enhanced 21+ gaming policy aim to create a better betting environment and ensure the operator’s continued commitment towards integrity and customer care.

Self-Exclusion Receives a Substantial Update

The first update to Caesars’ policies concerns the company’s self-exclusion program. The initiative will see significant expansion by the end of March, making it the widest-reaching exclusion option available in the USA. Large-scale integration among Caesars Entertainment’s brick-and-mortar and iGaming operations aims to ensure universal country-wide coverage.

Caesars Entertainment CEO Tom Reeg noted that the company’s position as a leading North American operator entailed a lot of responsibility to maintain a solid foundation and a sustainable, user-friendly business model. He lauded the updated measure and noted it benefited the company and community equally.

When a person tells us that playing with us is no longer in their best interest, we will be able to ensure that they are… excluded from every gaming platform we offer, in one simple step.

Tom Reeg, Caesars Entertainment CEO

Any person whose name is present in a self-exclusion accessible to Caesars will be added to the operator’s universal registry and be unable to bet on any of its gaming facilities and platforms. Furthermore, individuals considering this measure can register themselves, opting out of all online, retail, marketing, and complementary benefits.

Individuals under 21 Will Face Significant Restrictions

The other significant update to Caesars’ safe gaming efforts is the so-called 21+ gaming policy. It entails restricting users from jurisdictions that allow gambling under age 21 from using the operator’s services where permissible by law. As per the new rules, only individuals over that age can access iGaming and sportsbook content.

In jurisdictions that do not permit such restrictions, Caesars will limit all reward programs to individuals over 21. Company president and COO Anthony Carano highlighted the operator’s unwavering dedication to battling underage gambling by implementing proven and working solutions. He added that the new policy would ensure compliance across all sectors and jurisdictions.

Establishing consistent standards regarding age restrictions underlines our commitment to our guests and to the industry.

Anthony Carano, Caesars Entertainment COO

The company’s press release underlined the many ways Caesars contributed to local communities. The operator remains dedicated to providing responsible gambling training to all its employees and donates significant sums to charities and organizations dedicated to gambling harm prevention and research. The recent introduction of Caesars’ Responsible Gaming Council will help oversee all aspects of the company and help it maintain its place as a leader in safe gaming initiatives.