Cait Huble Rejoins the NCPG as Director of Communications

The United States of America’s National Council on Problem Gambling has acquired a new director of communications. The one stepping up to the role is Caitlin Huble, a former acquaintance of the NGPG team.

Huble Has a Strong CV in the Realm of Communications

Huble has already worked as a part of the council previously. Between 2017 and 2019, she served as the NCPG’s first communications manager.

Other than her stint as a council’s communications manager, Huble has over ten years of experience in her field and is a seasoned veteran when it comes to communications and planning. Since October 2020, she has served as the executive director of the Sonoran Arts league, an organization that seeks to preserve and advance arts. There, Huble was responsible for developing and managing community relations and educational outreach programs.

Although her new role will once again put her in the shoes of a communications employee, this time she will have more responsibilities, which include communication strategies that boost the public’s awareness of gambling harm and educate the people on how to make informed decisions.

Furthermore, as director of communications, Huble’s role will also have her lead media relations and be involved in crucial brand partnerships. To this end, her experience with the Sonoran Arts league is sure to come in handy.

Huble Was Welcomed Back Among NCPG’s Ranks

Huble spoke on being accepted into the council once again, revealing that she is grateful for the opportunity to continue advancing the mission of the NCPG. Huble explained that the rapid growth of sports betting, following its legalization across various states, has made NCPG’s mission more important than ever.

“I look forward to helping achieve NCPG’s ambitious goals in advocacy, awareness, and assistance on problem gambling,” Huble said.

The executive director of the NCPG, Keith Whyte, welcomed Huble back to the company. White said:

 “We are excited to have Cait Huble back at NCPG leading our communications efforts. The organization is currently experiencing a period of unprecedented growth and achievement, and Cait is the ideal choice to connect with external audiences and enhance awareness around responsible gambling and problem gambling.”  

NCPG executive director Keith Whyte

The council is a non-profit Washington-based organization that is not opposed to gambling as a whole or its legalization but instead aims to minimize the damage that gambling harm can deal with the industry and its reputation. The NCPG works with stakeholders to ensure a healthier future for gambling and encourages people who experience some kind of addiction to not hesitate and seek its help.