Can I Sports Gamble In Louisiana?

Right now, sports betting is still restricted in Louisiana, but this could change over the coming months. The state has already been accepting sportsbook applications from local casinos, and it seems as though it’s only a matter of time before they’re stamped and approved. 

The state had seemingly been poised to allow betting just in time for the start of the football season. However, Hurricane Ida got in the way. According to Louisiana Casino Association Executive Director Wade Duty, temporary sports wagering licenses should be issued in late fall. 

Officers from the Louisiana State Police’s Gaming Enforcement Division were assigned other duties to assist with Hurricane Ida recovery and are only now returning to their regular work. This includes conducting background checks on institutions that applied for sports wagering licenses, according to Duty.

Currently, thirteen of LA’s twenty traditional land-based casinos have applied for Louisiana online sports betting licenses, which would allow them to take wagers as soon as the paperwork is approved. 

The Gaming Control Board’s chief regulator does have the power to sign a temporary certificate of operation to allow casinos to start accepting bets. However, it’s unlikely that this will happen, according to the man himself. “It’s possible, but I seriously doubt I’ll have any to sign in the next two weeks,” said Ronnie Johns, who is currently the chair of the Gaming Control Board. “But I am anticipating some recommendations very soon.”

What Types of Betting will be Allowed in Louisiana?

Initially, Louisiana will only allow in-person betting in licensed casinos throughout the state. Each casino will need to set up a sportsbook area where it will be necessary for bettors to prove they’re at least 21 years old before they can bet.

In addition, there are plans to collaborate with the Louisiana Lottery Corp to place sports betting kiosks in certain locations. These kiosks will give LA residents more options when it comes to placing sports bets, although they’re not expected to go live until 2022. 

Although sports betting will be limited to in-person betting initially, there are also plans to extend Louisiana betting online too. The state’s new regulations do permit online sportsbooks, including betting from smartphones, tablets, and computers. Before this is implemented, however, the casinos will need to implement geofencing and other measures to stay within the regulations.

Any sports betting providers operating in Louisiana will need to pass stringent tests from the Gaming Control Board, which will make sure that gamblers are protected. The tests for online sports betting will take longer as they need to be more thorough to ensure minors or those outside the state can’t bet.

Are There Are Louisiana Gambling Restrictions to be Aware of?

All sports betting operators in Louisiana will be taxed 10% of the money they take from in-person bets and 15% of the money wagered online. This could mean that Louisiana sees worse odds than other states in the country, but the money will go towards the Early Childhood Education Fund as well as supporting gambling addiction charities. 

All bettors will need to be at least 21 years old, and whether betting online or in person, proof of ID will need to be supplied. In addition, bettors will have to prove that they’re within the state borders if they’re betting online.