Card Player’s Own Barry And Allyn Shulman Featured On ABC News Gambling Segment

With a record-setting lottery jackpot fresh on everyone’s minds, one Las Vegas news station set out to answer the question, ‘What does it take to score big in Las Vegas?’

After all, despite being home to the gambling capital of the U.S., Nevada is one of just eight states with no lottery of any kind. If you want to win in Las Vegas, you’ll need to do it another way.

With that in mind, ABC News correspondent Tricia Kean spoke with some local experts, including Card Player’s very own Barry and Allyn Shulman.

Barry ShulmanBarry Shulman, who at 76 years old is still going strong at the tables and is fresh off a final table appearance at the Card Player Poker Tour main event at the Venetian. Just days later, the two-time World Series of Poker bracelet winner won his 21st career title at an event at the Wynn.

The Card Player Magazine publisher was joined at that final table by his wife Allyn, who finished fifth. Allyn has had plenty of poker success as well, including a WSOP bracelet in the 2012 senior’s event. Barry has racked up nearly $6 million in live tournament earnings over the years, and Allyn has added more than $1.6 million of her own, making them experts on how to win in Las Vegas.

The interview also featured casino boss Dustin Boshers, who shows off his day-to-day experience as the Director of Casino Operations for Red Rock in popular TikTok videos. While everyone wants to hit a big slot machine payout, Boshers agreed that players have the best chance at winning if they stick with a game like poker.

“There’s luck involved, but there is absolutely strategy,” Boshers said. “It’s how you play the hands. It’s reading the other players at the table. That’s all skill.”

Allyn ShulmanAllyn Shulman agreed, pointing out that the luck evens out in the long run for everyone.

“There’s always an element of luck, because you don’t know what the turn of the card will be,” Allyn explained. “However, the cream rises to the top. The better players, over time, will make more money than the people who are just goofing around or haven’t studied the game.”

Poker is also a very accessible game. Barry pointed out that anybody, regardless of age or physical abilities, could win at poker.

“I’m still competitive and other guys my age are competitive,” he pointed out. “And women can compete with men, and people who are physically disabled can compete. Assuming you’re [at] ‘B’ mental capacity or more, you can be a championship poker player.”

You can watch the full interview below.