Casinò Campione reopens with new integrated NOVOMATIC gaming offering

Casinò Campione reopens with new integrated NOVOMATIC gaming offering

Located in the Italian exclave of Campione d’Italia in Switzerland, the recently reopened Casinò Campione welcomed guests again in January, with a new NOVOMATIC gaming offering integrated in its gaming floors. 

Casinò Campione is one of just four Italian casinos and ranks among the largest in Europe. It was originally opened in 1917 and in 2007 moved to Lake Lugano.

The casino now features NOVOMATIC’s PANTHERA cabinets with Linked Progressive content such as the NOVO LINE CASH CONNECTION Edition 2, Superia CASH CONNECTION Volume 1 and the XTENSION Link; as well as SUPER-V+ GAMINATOR with the new Gaminator MY CASH Edition 1 as a Standalone Progressive offer. 

A number of VIP Lounge 2.32 cabinets present the multigame Impera-Line HD Edition 7 as well as the brand new Impera Link, while Novostar SL 3.24 slant tops offer popular selections of games in the Novo Line Interactive Edition X2 and the Gaminator Legend Edition 2. 

Moreover, the set-ups Novostar VIP Royal 2.65 and Novostar VIP 3.50 have also been integrated in the casino floor, offering players comfort in their VIP chairs as they access titles in the Impera-Line HD Edition 7 or Magic Games HD. 

The casino was also equipped with the NBS Casino management System including floor management, accounting and reporting routines as wella s customer-facing ATMs and promo towers. This solution adheres to regulatory requirements, grants maximum privacy and comfort and enables the operator to run all processes smoothly via a centralized system. 

In line with the slogan “All in one Touch”, it was also implemented in the entrance area for customer management and access control in accordance with Responsible Gaming standards, supported by biometrically operated fingerprint and face recognition. 

Marco Ambrosini, CEO of Casinò Campione, spoke about the casino’s reopening and its integration of NOVOMATIC technology and said: “In spite of the pandemic situation and despite the adversity of the abrupt closure in 2018, the Casino of Campione d’Italia has now exceeded all expectations with an exciting restart. All the huge structures for the re-opening were renewed, the entire logistics organized and the machine park installed in time for the new season”. 

“With Novomatic, we had a strong partner at our side: structured, competent and with decades of experience in the sector as well as with the ability to support the immense mechanism of a casino with 1,500 customers a day. By bringing their technicians and engineers to collaborate with our historic team, updating and supporting it, Novomatic assisted us to upgrade the casino offer to the latest standards.”

Franco Rota, president of Novomatic Italia, added: “Casinò Campione is a customer with whom we have maintained a long-term business relationship that we are very proud of. Therefore, we are also delighted to be a partner of choice for the casino’s reopening. We congratulate the Casinò Campione on their successful new start, of course hoping that our excellent business relationship will last for many more years of mutual success.”

The relationship between Casinò Campione and NOVOMATIC dates back many years, and this integration was crafted to help the casino successfully master its recovery.