Playing a Longshot in the 2022 Demoiselle Stakes

There is a risk-reward element to betting races with 2-year-olds, and especially 2-year-old fillies, that makes them at times frustrating but also very appealing when looking for a nice score. Juvenile races feature mostly lightly raced runners capable of showing significant improvement, either by the natural maturation process or aContinue Reading

Chichakly: The Shandian Case Should Be A Reminder That ‘The Horse Owes You Nothing’ – Horse Racing News

Shandian near the start of his career with Chichakly, three years before his death. On Nov. 18, 2022 we published a story tracing the story of Shandian, who was euthanized after being diagnosed with serious chronic injuries soon after running at a Pennsylvania racetrack. Trainer Amira Chichakly submitted the followingContinue Reading