Chance Kornuth Finds $8,000 Worth of Bellagio Chips in Old Bag

18 Jan

Ever had that feeling when you find some extra cash in an old jacket or pair of jeans that you’d forgotten about? It feels good but imagine finding $8,000 worth of chips hidden in an old bag. That’s exactly what happened to high stakes pro Chance Kornuth. He found $8,000 worth of Bellagio chips while searching through an old bag.

Kornuth tweeted photos of his discovery and then 45 minutes later posted another photo, this time of a key of which he has no idea of the origin.

It’s not surprising that the chips were from the Bellagio, as Kornuth has recorded multiple six-figure results there over the years, including a $526,224 win at Bellagio Cup X in 2014.

The news of Kornuth’s big find spread quickly among the poker community, and many players came forward to share their own stories of finding loose change or small chips. But none of them compared to the $8,000 that Kornuth found.

Some players took the opportunity to tease and tease Kornuth, posting their own big finds such as $1 and $5 chips, and even 15 cents. but the overwhelming majority were in awe of Kornuth’s lucky discovery.

Phil Galfond clearly experienced something similar in the past and commented:

“If chips got destroyed in the washer or dryer, I’d have gone broke 10yrs ago.”

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