Charged Gun Toss in Seneca Niagara Resorts Parking Lot Leads to Arrest

charges, the 22-year-old convict by the name of Markiez A. Davis had thrown a loaded gun from the roof of a structure in the venue’s parking lot.

A Rap Video Shooting Ends with an Arrest

It was revealed that the man had participated in the shooting of a rap video on December 17. A total of six men filming the video had climbed on a building without being given permission to do so. When the casino security spotted them, they alerted the local police.

Once the police arrived, the convicted man allegedly tossed the firearm from the roof of the structure. Falling down below, the weapon almost hit one of the security cards, the local TV channel WIVB said.

It was also reported that the gun was loaded, presenting a danger to both the man’s peers and the people around them. The police seized the firearm. When they questioned the men, all of them denied possessing a gun.

The Man Faces 15 Years in Jail

Buffalo News reported that when the police investigated further, it found a large amount of cash and what they believe to be marijuana in one of the suspect’s cars. Furthermore, it turned out that Davis has been previously involved in two robberies and was on parole. He is currently held without bail at the Niagara County Jail.

The Niagara County Court charged Davis with second and third-degree criminal possession of a weapon and reckless endangerment. The man pleaded not guilty to the charges. If he is found guilty, the incident can be considered a parole violation.

Davis’ alleged crimes can result in as much as 15 years in prison. It is still unknown whether the police will also prosecute the other five men who were on the roof alongside Davis.

Casino Crime Continues to Plague the Industry

Although the six men weren’t directly involved with the casino where they shot their video, criminal activity in relation to gambling venues isn’t anything new.

It was just announced that two men in Hong Kong jumped to their deaths during a raid on an illegal gambling venue. Fearing the charges that could have been brought against them, the men tried to escape through the window of the 10-story building but lost their balance and fell. They later passed away at the United Christian Hospital. 

At the beginning of January, two suspects were arrested in relation to two shootings that left two Las Vegas Strip visitors dead.