Charlie ‘Crybaby’ Carrel versus Dan ‘Jungleman’ Cates in Stand-up Comedy Battle

08 Jan

When it comes to playing it for laughs, highstakes crushers Charlie Carrel and Dan “Jungleman” Cates are perhaps the least likely duo you’d choose for the task, but somehow a 15-minute stand-up comedy challenge between the pair is on the cards!

Carrel, 5th in the English all-time tournament money winner ranking with just shy of $10million has an unusual approach to life, where humour isn’t top of the list, as Doug Polk can attest to in a defamation battle.

Cates, known to the poker world as “Jungleman”, has his own brand of funny that generally sees him come across as the hapless fall guy, although he is certainly for choice if the pair do indeed take to the stage with an audience.

With Cates tweeting: “Yes is the only logical answer,” to Carrel’s offer of a heads-up comedy battle, the poker fans weren’t particularly impressed. A selection of takes:

  • Please no.
  • Absurd level of ego oozing from this tweet.
  • Are you allowed to hire writers?
  • WTF?! Neither of you are funny. You are shite!! Fuck off.

They are far from the first poker players to try their hand at stand-up comedy, with commentator Joe Stapleton perhaps the best-known, playing at The Comedy Store, which has seen the likes of the legendary Eddie Murphy and Bill Hicks take to the stage.

Stapes’ plan was to avoid poker as a subject and focus on “Sex, dating, cell phones, the English language, drinking, masturbating, and Shakespeare”, joking, “Okay, that last one is a lie.”

Multiple WSOP bracelet winner Tom Schneider is another who has played it for laughs in front of an audience, admitting a decade ago:

“I actually did stand-up comedy in front of 300 people or so with my daughter at the Tempe Improv in Phoenix. It was something I always wanted to do, although it was lot harder than it seems. I did pretty well, but it was more frightening than I expected but worth it for a one-time deal.”

Of course, comedian Kevin Hart did things in reverse, turning from stand-up comedy and funnyman movie roles to the poker world for a time.

If Carrel and Cates do battle it out, maybe they will follow poker-loving comedian Avi Lieberman and include their home game stories in the act.

Who do you think will win the battle of the wannabe funnymen? Cates or Carrel? Let us know in our social media chat!

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