Chelsea FC Foundation and Epic Unveil New Collaboration

The leading independent harm minimization consultancy, Epic Risk Management, announced a new collaboration with the official charity affiliated to and supported by Chelsea FC, the Chelsea FC Foundation.

Epic Facilitators Join Chelsea Champions Initiative

Thanks to the recent collaboration, five Epic facilitators join an initiative called “Chelsea Champions.” The facilitators will participate in well-being workshops on mental health for secondary schools in the southeast, joining Chelsea FC Academy Players, as well as Chelsea FC Foundation coaches. Ultimately, the new collaboration seeks to raise awareness, improve the well-being of students and help them overcome future difficulties.

According to Epic, Scott Davies, Patrick Foster and Andy Margett have already regularly visited schools that are supported by the foundation such as Fulham Boys’ School, Fulham Cross Academy and Chelsea Academy. On the other hand, Marc Williams traveled to Merstham Park School in Redhill, while Paul Findlay visited Thomas Bennett Community College in Crawley.

Upon visiting the locations Epic’s five facilitators, who have lived experience of gambling harm, collaborated with the foundation’s coaches and shared details about challenges they encountered during school days, how they engaged with sports and more. In addition, the Chelsea FC Foundation coaches along with the Academy players organized fun activities for the teenagers.

“It’s massively admirable; I never did it when I was younger. I think media training like this, ahead of going and doing interviews when you’re older in your career, is massively important.“

Scott Davies, facilitator for Epic

Scott Davies, Epic’s program facilitator, pointed out that the discussions, interviews and collaborations with the pupils are incredibly important. At the same time, he acknowledged that those activities hold a great deal of responsibility but pointed out that “talking in front of students at schools will only benefit them in the long run.”

Davies revealed that young people can benefit from the workshops that prepare them for difficulties they may face later in life and how they can actively cope with those difficulties. Finally, he deemed the initiative by the Academy and the Chelsea FC Foundation a great idea and said that Epic is excited to be involved.

“It’s great to be able to utilize and work alongside Epic, using their real-life experiences, which I think has really touched and brought a lot home to the students.“

Jonny Drabble, senior project officer for the Chelsea Champions project

Jonny Drabble, the Chelsea Champions project’s senior project officer, revealed that the workshops delivered unique information for the students. He explained that the facilitators that participated added extra value to the discussions by engaging passionately and discussing various issues with the students. Finally, Drabble said: “We have an officer that works full-time in the school, so hopefully Epic’s message can encourage those positive conversations to keep going in the schools.”