Chris Moneymaker Calls Out David McKim Again Over Unpaid Debts

24 Dec

After exposing David McKim as an alleged scammer after failing to pay up his debt, poker pro and Americas Cardroom poker ambassador Chris Moneymaker has been relentless in getting his funds back. Moneymaker followed up his expose this week by retweeting his warning regarding suspected fraudster David McKim.

Following up on this post from before. Still no payment has been made to me or @TBensbenz
. gave him a week grace period but looks like a complete scammer, steer clear of @DavidMckim11

— Chris Moneymaker ⭕ (@CMONEYMAKER) December 19, 2021

As earlier reported, Moneymaker chastised McKim over his failure to honor what he owed from previously struck deals.

McKim replied:

“It’s a misunderstanding. I owe money from agreements made and have yet to fulfill my side of the deal(s) for reasons outside my control. However, we are on the road to getting this right.” Regardless of McKim’s assurances, not a single penny of Moneymaker’s cash has so far been refunded, and he is not the only one waiting for a refund.

He sent me photos of him winning thousands last month on BoL. Has been nothing but lies for 4 months straight. He acts like it’s not his fault. He is the worst type of scammer in the poker community.

— TheBensBenz (@TBensbenz) December 19, 2021

After first believing Mckim’s justifications to be genuine, it has become clear that he has no intention of making good on his promise to pay his debts.

Following a wave of public denials that he is a fraudster, he has gone radio silent, refusing to react to media requests for comments on the most recent accusations.

It did not take long before netizens had a field day on McKim’s Twitter feed, who seemed interested in making quick money instead of taking care of his obligations to the poker world.

Guy…he’s doing everything possible to get the money… 😏

— OpusDogPoker🤧🤢😷 (@RealOpusDog) December 19, 2021

In the realm of poker, borrowing money is a common practice. It becomes an issue when some individuals borrow money without repaying, while others lose borrowed money and lack means of paying it back.

Scammers and con artists are the worst in the poker world. Unfortunately, we have plenty of them around.

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