Chris Moneymaker Exposes David McKim as a Scammer

Chris Moneymaker Exposes David McKim as a Scammer

09 Dec

In a recent tweet, America’s Cardroom poker ambassador and team pro Chris Moneymaker alleged that fellow ACR player David McKim scammed him out of some money.

Last Thursday, Moneymaker tweeted and warned people about McKim after he scammed him out of money.

PSA…. Just a heads up for anyone buying or selling @ACR_POKER. Do not do business with this guy @DavidMckim11 He is a scammer

— Chris Moneymaker ⭕ (@CMONEYMAKER) December 2, 2021

About an hour later, Twitter user @TBensbenz replied to Moneymaker’s initial tweet and shared his experience with McKim.

4 months he has just only had excuses. Sends me a photo of him winning 2k last month and that he would make it right and I am left hanging. His promises have been empty since August.

— TheBensBenz (@TBensbenz) December 2, 2021

To this, McKim replied stating he is not hiding from debts.

“Literally was a few days ago the 2k was won, and I reached out to you to show you [what] I’d have coming in to pay you,” McKim said. “I also tagged you in this post so people can see that I’m not hiding from my debts because I am NOT a scammer.”

According to Moneymaker, he was totally unaware that McKim had been scamming other people out of their money and not paying his debts.

“I didn’t even know about him owing others when I made the post,” Moneymaker said. “Was just a warning to others. I offer payment plans that he declined, never offered me any money.” According to McKim, the deal between him and Moneymaker involved a third party who had the money Chris was owed. Allegedly, the third party ran off with the money. “Is this still my responsibility? Absolutely the f*** is.! Does it make me a scammer? F*** no!” McKim said in a tweet. “I understand you doing what you feel like needs to be done. But I’m not a scammer. However, I have no excuses to give you. I’ve always paid my debts and will continue to do so. I owe you and one other person and I’ll have everything cleared up.” Hopefully McKim is a man of his word, because according to Moneymaker, the two agreed to a payment date.

After this post he reached out and we have agreed to a payment date on Dec 10th. Hopefully @TBensbenz can get some closure as well

— Chris Moneymaker ⭕ (@CMONEYMAKER) December 2, 2021

One Twitter user chimed in and shared his thoughts about McKim, and doesn’t believe he is a scammer.

Don’t think he’s a scammer based on thread. Never denied it, owned it. And seems like a series of unfortunate events that led to it. I guess we will truly see Dec 10th

— Patrick (@chsallstar32) December 2, 2021

Only the agreed upon date for payment can determine whether or not McKim is truly a scammer.

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