Chris Moneymaker’s Class Action Lawsuit against PayPal Falls at First Hurdle

Chris Moneymaker’s Class Action Lawsuit against PayPal Falls at First Hurdle

25 Jun

A Chris Moneymaker-inspired class action lawsuit, has lost in the first round after the judge compelled the plaintiffs to go to arbitration with PayPal.

The legal action was prompted last year when the 2003 WSOP Main Event winner had $12,000 confiscated from his account and used his social media profile to garner support from the poker community and others who have been affected by the same draconian policies by the world’s largest e-wallet.

If you have a @paypal account they can literally steal your money for thousands of reason and offer you no reason why. This is there response after stealing my

— Chris Moneymaker ⭕ (@CMONEYMAKER) May 18, 2021

Acceptable Use Policy

PayPal has long been criticised for its heavy-handed penalties, confiscating entire balances for even the mildest breach of terms and conditions.

Affected accounts were greeted with the following message:

“Payment to: Paypal; PayPal’s damages caused by Acceptable Use Policy violation.”

Thank you to everyone who has inquired about joining the class action lawsuit.

We are currently receiving hundreds of emails and calls a day regarding this class action.

We ask that you stay patient and allow ample time for a response about your claim.

Thank you!

— PayPalClassAction (@ppclassaction) January 28, 2022

If #PayPal has taken money from you and put you in a financially compromised situation, please reach out to us.

We want to hear your stories of how PayPal taking money has caused issues for you and/or your family.

Feel free to DM us or email us at

— Eric Bensamochan (@BensamochanFirm) April 8, 2022

Initially, Chris Moneymaker was optimistic about the case after tagging PayPal into his Twitter rant. No sooner had he done so when he unexpectedly received all his money back and his account reopened.

Feeling PayPal was on the back foot he even indulged in a spot of baiting on Twitter, accusing them of chickening out and trying to avoid a public fight.

2/3 I guess @paypal chickened out and gave me my money back when they heard about the lawsuit and backlash. Unfortunately, for @paypal I have been contact by over 50 people that you have done this too. The lawsuit I am filing will continue!!

— Chris Moneymaker ⭕ (@CMONEYMAKER) June 16, 2021

Eric Bensamochan, attorney for the plaintiffs, obviously wasn’t happy about the recent turn of events but promised to continue the fight, making it clear that there was still plenty of fight left in the case.

He explained on the case website exactly what the motion compelling arbitration means for the claimants.

  1. We will take the case we filed to arbitration against PayPal and will continue to fight to get the client’s money back.
  2. We will continue to take on single arbitration cases on a case-by-case basis with our co-counsel.
  3. At this time, a class cannot be certified, but that does not mean that this is the end. We will continue to keep everyone posted as things further develop.

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