College Football National Championship Georgia vs Alabama Free Pick

College Football National Championship Georgia vs Alabama Free Pick

ncaa championship game January 2022

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The biggest college football game of the year will be played in a few days, Monday January 10, 2022 at 8pm EST to be exact. For some people the Georgia vs. Alabama rematch is a great thing and they are looking forward to it. For others, they are sick of Alabama and the SEC in general. Whatever your feelings are, there is no doubt that the best two teams in the country are facing off (again).

Alabama was the pre-season #1 ranked team. Georgia beat then ranked #2 Clemson and then a few weeks later Alabama lost to Texas A&M, promoting Georgia to first overall. Georgia held that number one spot until they suffered a sound defeat at the hands of Alabama in the SEC championship game. So, why is Georgia favored -3 points in this game? It does seem odd at first glance. So, lets do a little digging.

Yes, Alabama has beat Georgia the last 7 times they have played. And it is true they just beat Georgia soundly in the SEC Championship game. But, Georgia is 5-4-1 ATS against Alabama in their last ten meetings. Also, lets take a look at how they handled same opponents:


Alabama 42, Arkansas 35

Georgia 37, Arkansas 0


Alabama 52, Tennessee 24

Georgia 41, Tennessee 17


Alabama 31, Florida 29

Georgia 34, Florida 7


As you can clearly see, Georgia holds the advantage in the “similar-opponent” handicapping method.

If you recall, the SEC Championship game had Georgia favored -6.5 and that spread was a fair number. Alabama simply came out and played better football and Georgia choked at the same time. It is in our opinion that the oddsmakers are thinking the SEC Championship game was a fluke and if played over again, or 3 out of 5 times, Georgia would win.