Comscore ranks UK gambling social media properties by engagement, LiveScore on the lead

American-based global media measurement and analytics company Comscore released Monday its top social properties by engagement ranking for the Gambling & Lotteries category in the UK. The report is based on January 2023 data, a period in which the industry reached an audience of 29 million people on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram which generated 15.5 million actions cross-platform.

From online betting and casino games to national lotteries and sports betting, Gambling & Lotteries are a significant part of the UK’s entertainment and leisure industry, noted the firm, which provides marketing data and analytics to enterprises; media and advertising agencies; brand marketers and publishers.

Comscore pointed out that, despite any challenges, the industry remains popular and continues to grow, “with many people enjoying the entertainment and excitement that it provides.”

The company’s ranking of the top 10 properties in Gambling & Lotteries in the UK as of January 2023 is spearheaded by LiveScore, followed by Paddy Power, PokerStars, bet365 and Sky Bet in the top five companies. 

LiveScore was number one in the ranking with more than 13 million actions cross-platform with an audience of 4,212,946 followers. Paddy Power, ranked second by engagement, had 1,114,716 actions.

Cross-platform (CP) actions mean actions across the combined space of Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. Actions include reactions, shares, comments, retweets, favorites, and loves. The top 10 ranking is completed by William Hill, Dream Team, Andy’s Bet Club, Bad Man Betting and William Hill Vegas.