Court Allows UKGC to Name Allwyn as Lottery Operator

Court Allows UKGC to Name Allwyn as Lottery Operator

Great Britain’s High Court has revoked the suspension of Allwyn’s licensing as the next National Lottery operator. The UKGC recently chose the Czech company to inherit the position from Camelot, much to the latter’s dismay.

High Court Allows the UKGC to Begin Licensing Process

The High Court had barred the UKGC from officially licensing Allwyn as the next National Lottery operator because of the legal trouble caused by the operator’s competitors. Camelot, International Game Technology and Northern and Shell are three companies that disputed the UKGC’s decision. As result, the latter parties launched lawsuits against Britain’s regulator.

Camelot feared for the future of its business and was hellbent on forcing the authority to change its opinion. To that end, the company accused the UKGC of picking favorites and using the money for good causes to fund the lawsuit. Some pro-Camelot parties even emphasized that Allwyn’s owner has alleged links to Russia.

Several weeks later, the High Court changed its mind and lifted the suspension that barred the UKGC from officially providing Allwyn with a license. This signifies a victory for the UKGC and Allwyn and is an unfortunate development for Camelot.

The UKGC Believes It Has Run a Fair Competition

The UKGC had released a statement on the matter in which it emphasized that a continued conflict with Camelot would only hurt good causes money. The regulator had previously dismissed the operator’s pleas, saying that it should have known that it may one day lose its National Lottery license.

The UKGC remains firm on its decision as it believes that it has run a fair and robust competition. Therefore, the authority believes its evaluation is fair, lawful and in accordance with its statutory duties.

We have taken every step possible to ensure a level playing field for all interested parties, to enable us to appoint a licensee who will engage and protect players, run the National Lottery with integrity and ensure the National Lottery maximizes support for good causes and its contribution to society through further innovation and investment.

UKGC statement

Allwyn Rejoices, Camelot Will Continue the Fight

Allwyn and Camelot released their own statements on the High Court’s ruling. Needless to say, Allwyn was happy but Camelot – not that much.

The Czech firm called the High Court’s decision “good news for the National Lottery.” It praised Mrs. Justice O’Farrell for her choice, saying that she clearly knows what is good for the Lottery.

Camelot, on the other hand, was not happy to hear the High Court’s decision. However, the operator will not give up on the fight.

While disappointing, this judgment only addresses whether or not the enabling agreement can be signed while our case is heard. The judgment on whether the Gambling Commission correctly and lawfully awarded preferred applicant status is being dealt with separately.

Camelot statement

Camelot will be able to continue its legal case in October this year but by that time the UKGC would have likely begun the licensing process.