Current Sportsbook Bonuses – September 2022 – Online Sportsbooks

Current Sportsbook Bonuses – September 2022 – Online Sportsbooks

It always helps to know which sportsbooks are offering the best bonuses. It also helps to know if the sportsbook offering the bonus is on the up-and-up. That’s why our site was started back in 2007. We wanted to give people a resource to find out information about online sportsbooks as well as other free information such as angles, action reports, free lines and picks.

Bonuses change all the time as do sportsbook ratings. So, it is important to remember that when this article was posted that these were the very top sportsbooks and their bonuses that they were offering. Each sportsbook has its very own unique bonus structure and hopefully you will find the one that works best for you.

So, without any further holdup, here are the best sportsbooks of fall 2022 and the bonuses they are offering. Remember, free plays are converted into cash after they are wagered. Cash bonuses typically have higher rollovers (amount of times you must bet bankroll before being able to cash out). More about free play vs cash bonus

Sportsbooks and Bonuses – 125% Free Play – Use Promos Code SBA125

-Details: 125% Sign-Up Bonus up to $3,125 on your first deposit.
Minimum deposit: $100
10X Rollover – 100% Free Play

-Details: 100% Free play for first time depositors and reloads.
Must use above link and promo code WK1NFL in the cashier to claim the 100% bonus.
Promo is one-time use only and expires Monday, September 12th, 2022 at 11:59 pm.
Bonus requires $50 minimum deposit | Bonus is valid for a maximum of $1,000.
14x Rollover – 25% Cash or 25% Rebate (Losses)

-Details: Up to $500
Get up to 25% Rebate Program once every 30 days.
You must request this bonus within 24 hours of an accepted deposit by contacting BAS.
The 25% Cash bonus has a 6-timerollover requirement and a 30 day hold for the deposit + bonus amounts.

America’s Bookie – 100% Free Play (18X rollover) of 50% Cash (20X rollover)

-Details: $5000 is the maximum free play or $2500 CASH that can be issued on a single deposit.
Free plays may not be used for props or futures. – 125% Free Play – Use Promo Code SBA125

-Details: Min.$50 Max.$500
12X rollover
Futures, Props, Matchups, Casino, Live Dealer Casino, Mini Games, Horses, Asian Handicaps, and Live Wagering will not count towards the rollover. – 100% Free Play

-Details: Deposits from $100 to $300
12X rollover – 100% Cash up to $100

-Details: Deposits between $50-$500
12X rollover