Dan Bilzerian: A Trust Fund Baby with an Extravagant LifeStyle

Dan Bilzerian: A Trust Fund Baby with an Extravagant LifeStyle

24 Nov

Dan Bilzerian, the self-proclaimed “King of Instagram,” internet sensation, and playboy famous for his extravagant lifestyle, is not new to controversy. Dan Bilzerian’s source of wealth has always remained a mystery. Dan claims that he has gained most of his wealth playing private high-stakes poker games against billionaires. Most people have rubbished this claim and believe Dan Bilzerian obtained his wealth from his father’s business.

Trust Fund Baby

According to multiple reports, Dan Bilzerian’s net worth is between $150 million to $200 million. Dan Bilzerian has always insisted that he is a self-made millionaire, which is false. Paul Bilzerian, the father of Dan, was a famous corporate takeover specialist who profited illegally by bankrupting companies. In 1989 he was ordered to pay more than $30 million of his illicit profits; however, he didn’t pay since he filed for bankruptcy in 1991 and 2001, respectively. Paul put up a trust fund for his two children Dan and Adam. The trust fund is believed to have a valuation of around $11.7 million in 1997 and has increased immensely ever since. These funds became accessible in 2010 and played a considerable part in Dan’s wealth.

Dan Bilzerian featured on an episode in FULL SEND PODCAST, where he discussed various topics, including his role in being nicknamed the “trust fund baby” and how he has embraced it since it got him into all the big poker games. A majority of Dan’s critics believe that he launders his father’s money through gambling.

The Setup Book

In 2020 Dan Bilzerian posted a picture on Instagram typing on a laptop; he went ahead and said that he was writing his autobiography. He even offered $5000 for anyone that would come with a unique title for his book. He sent the internet into a frenzy and got trolled relentlessly while receiving hilarious responses on social media. Finally, his book is out after over a year of writing and editing, and he described it as a masterpiece. Dan depicted his book in simple terms: how to get anything from life, precisely -”more girls than anyone can count.”

Dating 50 Girls

Dan opened up about his relationships with women. He even confessed to dating 50 women simultaneously. A short glance on his Instagram page showcases Dan with many beautiful women in different exotic locations. Dan dislikes ‘ugly women’ as they presumably hurt his eyes. Dan, a misogynist, has had an easy time attracting women of great beauty. His fame, wealth, and extravagant lifestyle keep on attracting women in great numbers.

Ignite Company

Ignite International Brands Ltd. sells electronic cigarettes, water bottles, CBD oils, vodka, among other products. In 2019, the company reported losing over $50 million through office rental, marketing, and funding Dan’s lifestyle. Dan Bilzerian claims that the company has a market value of $400 million, and they are expanding to South America, specifically in Paraguay, since it’s illegal in Brazil. The company recently announced its departure from the Canadian market, accusing the government of ‘excessive restrictions.” The company cited a couple of issues with the Canadian market.”The government’s excessive restrictions on the marketing, sales, and distribution of products” have “diminished the business opportunity while simultaneously making the consumer experience less than optimal.” It seems the company is on a downward spiral, and there are rumors that Bilzerian has squandered his trust fund. With all these amalgamating factors, Dan Bilzerian is a spendthrift and heavy gambler. It won’t be astonishing to see him filing for bankruptcy sooner or later.

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