Dan Bilzerian Mocked On Saturday Night Live

10 Apr

Saturday Night Live’s latest episode had a weekend update segment that drew the attention of numerous poker players. Kyle Mooney starred in the program as “Dan Bulldozer,” a lifestyle influencer who was on board to talk about how social media influences young people.

Mooney had a huge fake beard and mustache, fake muscles, and a voice changer that increased the depth of his voice. Anyone acquainted with entrepreneur, poker player, and social media personality Dan Bilzerian immediately recognized that the section would revolve around him. Bilzerian has acquired acclaim, and at times, infamy, for his extravagant lifestyle, which he often flaunts on Instagram and Twitter.

In a dig at Bilzerian’s decadent inclinations, the segment begins with Bulldozer approaching Weekend Update co-host Michael Che and saying, “Hey, Michael. Guess how many females I’m dating at the moment? 940. ” It references the numerous photographs Bilzerian often uploads of himself surrounded by a dozen or more bikini-clad models in exotic places.

A glance at Bilzerian’s social media profiles reveals his fame online. His Twitter account boasts 1.6 million followers, while his Instagram account has over 32.8 million followers.

Another analogy that certain poker players could find amusing is Bilzerian’s latest book, “The Setup,” a biography about his exotic and opulent lifestyle. “I have the book.” “What makes writing so difficult?” In the sketch, Mooney inquires.

“All you have to do is type it out.”

Just finished my 6th book edit, I’m picking 2 of you to come to my book release party and giving you both $5,000 dollars, plus I’m giving 1000 of you signed copies of the book, just CLICK THE LINK BELOW , it’s free, no bullshit, no strings attached https://t.co/t23q8ZKWiApic.twitter.com/9jot2yW3IN

— Dan Bilzerian (@DanBilzerian) August 31, 2020

The skit did not mention poker, probably because they didn’t use Bilzerian’s name. Finally, the goal seems to parody the figure that Dan Bilzerian portrays on social media without providing him with any further popularity or legitimacy.

The segment ended with Che asking Bulldozer whether he was pleased, to which he hesitated and replied:

“No way, no.”

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