Daniel Negreanu Contemplates Hiring a Bodyguard After an Odd Encounter with a Lady at the WSOP

Daniel Negreanu Contemplates Hiring a Bodyguard After an Odd Encounter with a Lady at the WSOP

09 Jun

Following a strange incident at the WSOP, Daniel Negreanu inquired whether he should have a bodyguard on poker Twitter. The lady and her conspiracy theories and insanity spooked Amanda Negreanu, Daniel’s wife.

Settle a debate with @RadioAmanda

If you were me at the WSOP do you think it would be worthwhile to have a bodyguard?

— Daniel Negreanu (@RealKidPoker) June 7, 2022

Whilst bodyguards are not uncommon in the poker industry. They are typically used to safeguard the player from being mugged for the massive sums of money they frequently carry around.

Daniel Negreanu’s dilemma is somewhat odd, as he explained in his daily WSOP video.

Daniel was blissfully live streaming on his break, as his video shows, when a woman disrupted him, and for those who can’t see the footage, that “woman” tweeted out what transpired.

Spent 2hrs @WSOP for 1st time. Everything looks awesome! ♠️😎

Leaving Paris, I felt someone getting closer & brush against me (PLENTY of room)

WTF @RealKidPoker FOLLOWING me with a sense of urgency! While streaming. (Nobody streams while speed walking & NOT on a break)


— Sara Palmer (@MissSaraPalmer) June 5, 2022

Sara Palmer, who cashed in the 2018 World Series of Poker, followed up with more bizarre tweets:

“I said something about him wanting to vax innocent babies & he was out of there, obviously. Worst of all, Tinfoil was covering my WHOLE HAT (gotta block those EMFs). He couldn’t see my face, & wanted to see who I was, so he followed me at an unnecessary pace @ 12am.” She added the odd:
“@RealKidPoker’s soul/pineal is so calcified… Senile and with a nasty superiority complex, I sense negative ROI for him this year. I forgot how short he is. I’m taller than he is. It must be from watching so much TV. Looked cracked out, too tbh VAIDS? Now I know WHY he NEEDS an RV.” Amanda, Daniel’s wife, was dragged into the discussion in the fifth and last tweet, at least for now.

Locked his wife in a house for 2 years during scamdemic…

& attempts to hit on cute blonde conspiracy realists when she’s not around ✋🏼🛑

If I were you I’d put him on a short leash @RadioAmanda or blink twice if u need help 🕊#greatPokerAwakening#greatPokerReset

— Sara Palmer (@MissSaraPalmer) June 5, 2022

Negreanu himself was not furious about the encounter; instead, he was worried about the mental stability of Miss Palmer. He stated that members of his own family had struggled with mental health difficulties in the past.

Poker Twitter and Daniel’s followers were far less tolerant, as Palmer frequently posted fabricated accounts of the event despite being recorded on video.

You are lying. It’s on the Vlog and it’s nothing like you described. He didn’t bump into you and he didn’t follow you, not even for a second. Your encounter is at the 19 minute mark if you need your memory refreshed. https://t.co/fy1TFQk5g8

— dayoldtaco (@dayoldtaco) June 6, 2022

The vote has returned an emphatic “no!” concerning the bodyguard matter. Nevertheless, if similar events occur, Negreanu’s wife Amanda may still have her way and convince her husband to hire a bodyguard.

Phil Ivey’s bodyguard once reportedly floored a player in Bobby’s Room; sadly, YouTube has since deleted the incident footage.

Apparently between Ivey’s bodyguard and some guy in the game.

— Jimmy Fricke (@jvfricke) June 25, 2017

Not the first bizarre incident

Given the number of poker players, such occurrences are highly uncommon, but the WSOP has seen its fair share of weird and frightening conduct throughout the years.

Ken Strauss was disqualified and evicted in 2019 after pulling down his trousers and showing his genitals at the main event at the Rio, then replicating his shenanigans at the neighboring Luxor.

Uhhhhhh what is going on at the #WSOP main event??? Player shoves blind, drops his pants, then throws his shoe on the table 😂 😂 😂(video via @blattsmullet) pic.twitter.com/oHGk5pjlnJ

— Scott Davies (@sdaviespoker) July 5, 2019

Strauss had a mental illness, and he went on to tweet threatening tweets against a Las Vegas casino before being caught and charged with terrorism. Strauss, who underwent mental examination, was sentenced to two years probation as a plea agreement.

Authorities banned him from communicating with Las Vegas casinos and advised Strauss to get mental health assistance.

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