Denmark Supports Lotteries and Suppresses Match-Fixing in a Single Sweep

Denmark Supports Lotteries and Suppresses Match-Fixing in a Single Sweep

Denmark has eased up the rules for lotteries and has simultaneously reinforced its regulatory measures against match-fixing.

Denmark’s Gambling Authority Will Receive More Power

The Danish government and the parties of Denmark’s Parliament have joined forces to introduce new rules on charity lotteries in voluntary associations. The initiative seeks to help the latter by making it easier to host lottery events that raise funding for charities. One of the biggest changes is that charity lotteries prizes will now be free from duties.

Additionally, the government and parties have promised to work hard against match-fixing – something that is considered to be a huge threat to the sports sector. With the new rules introduced, Denmark’s regulator, the Danish Gambling Authority (Spillemyndigheden), will receive new supervisory powers. As per the agreement, the secretariat for the platform against match-fixing will be moved from Anti-Doping Denmark to the regulator.

The new rules will introduce a unique player ID and event ID which aim to make it easier to combat fraud. Furthermore, betting operators who have even the slightest suspicions of a match-fixing taking place will be required to immediately report to the authority. Lastly, the revised rules will allow the regulator to give out orders, instead of waiting for the police to get involved. This is a huge change as it will help the authority tackle fraud on the spot.

It Is Important to Realize the Threat of Match-Fixing

Jeppe Bruus, Denmark’s minister of taxation, spoke on the threat of match-fixing, asserting that the fraud not only destroys the integrity of the sport but is also often affiliated with dangerous criminal organizations.

While Bruus congratulated operators on standing against match-fixing, he added that more regulations were needed. With the new rules in place, Bruus emphasized, gambling companies will join the fight against match-fixing as active participants:

“The gambling operators are already making an effort today, but now we are tightening the requirements for them further so that they become even more active participants in the fight against match-fixing.”

Denmark minister of taxation Jeppe Bruus

He reminded that while the agreement between the government and parties seeks to tackle match-fixing, its principal goal remains to assist the many voluntary Danish associations with raising funds for charitable causes:

 “The rules become simpler and the duties on winnings are removed. With the agreement, we do away with a number of outdated rules that were a nuisance to many associations. We open up for several new opportunities and remove cumbersome requirements.”

Denmark minister of taxation Jeppe Bruus

The Scandinavian countries have been serious about fighting fraud and gambling harm. Denmark has carefully followed the developments in the industry and has criticized the shortcomings of the local ecosystem. Countries like Norway have sought to limit the impact of offshore operators and establish a healthy gambling space.