Did Fake Vax Cards Cause WSOP Covid-19 Outbreak?

30 Nov

Angela Jordison has alleged that fake vaccination cards were probably in use during the World Series of Poker, potentially being responsible for the cluster of cases during the final events.

You put fake dates and take a pic of any vax card…doesn’t even have to be your own. You’ll be immediately cleared.

I do not have any names but common sense says when you can put false info and be approved instantly…it’s 100% happening.

— Angela Jordison (@Angelajordison) November 15, 2021

She claims that it was simple to circumvent the Clear app by inputting fake dates and a photo of anybody’s vaccination card. Although the American tournament pro admitted she did not have any evidence or names, she said it was common sense that this had occurred on some level.

No Proof

Not everybody was convinced, and the discussion quickly moved onto general anti-vaccination talk which has plagued poker social media for the last 18 months. “I heard about the fake vax cards before the series even started. If clear app is that easily fooled this should have been addressed on day 1 of the series not after an outbreak occurs.” If this had all occurred during the early stages of the festival there would have been serious implications and possible threats of closing the series down.

High-profile names such as PokerGO commentator Nick Schulman and Chris Hunichen both tested positive, with the latter sending Justin Bonomo into a Twitter rant about not being informed after playing with him in recent days.

ACR ambassador Vanessa Kade took the worst of the abuse after falling ill and being forced to take a time out while she recovered. The Canadian was then subjected to a public barrage of abuse and accused of being a super-spreader.

Todd Witteles pointed out that the rule for a player testing positive was probably not sufficient and a negative test should have been mandatory.

“They let a player with COVID (Vanessa Kade) play the Main 11 days after symptoms, with no negative test required. This was a huge mistake, and might have contributed to what occurred.” Kade responded by asserting that she had been tested and was the only player at the time who came forward voluntarily to protect others with fair warning.

What the fuck?

Ridiculous assumptions.

I tested negative, got checked out by a doctor, AND WSOP’s EMTs. I’m literally the only one who voluntarily came forward to protect others despite the personal cost.

Why would I ever do that and then turn around go back if it’s not safe. https://t.co/bGyq1vUjSI

— Vanessa Kade (@VanessaKade) November 16, 2021

Witteles did apologise, hoping the drama was over, but received a warning that he was not entitled to anybody’s personal medical records and didn’t even bother asking before asserting as such.

Stirring the Pot

Vocal anti-vaxxer Kristen Bicknell didn’t miss the opportunity to promote her well-known position when it became clear how easy it was to pass the Clear app registration, but probably made the worst point in all of her postings.

Any proof that an unvaccinated player was C19 +? I’ve only heard cases of vaccinated players testing +.

Shouldn’t this be verified before making claims and blaming those who aren’t vaccinated? Otherwise it’s pure speculation.

Perhaps the 💉 isn’t as effective as we’d hoped?

— Kristen Bicknell (@krissyb24poker) November 15, 2021

Asking for proof about unvaccinated players catching Covid-19 at the WSOP, it was quickly pointed out to her that there should not be any such people playing at all, which was the whole point of the mandate.

It was also pointed out that even if a small proportion of players did, in fact, fake their vaccination status, the overwhelming majority of cases would, of course, still be in the vaccinated population.

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