Doug Polk Takes Pot Shots at Matt Berkey in Nik Airball Spat

27 Mar

Doug Polk, Matt Berkey and HCL reg Nik ‘Airball’ Arcot have spent the past week feuding on social media, with Polk stirring the cauldron after Arcot accused Berkey of being a scammer!

Nikhil Arcot, one of the highstakes regs on the Hustler Casino Live livestreamed cash game and known popularly as ‘Nik Airball’, made his claims about Berkey on Polk’s podcast.

Arcot was responding to comments that Berkey had refused to play him heads-up:

“I don’t really care, Berkey’s a scammer. When you run a training site and you can’t beat the games, you’re a scammer. You’re selling bullshit. It just is what it is, you’re a scam-artist.”

Berkey, for his part, was quick to refute the claims he was dodging Airball…

Berkey offered to play Arcot at stakes of $200/400 every day for a month straight at the Bellagio, and when Upswing Poker training site boss Polk offered to turn up at the Bellagio instead and play Berkey at $200/400, the Solve4Why guru retorted:

“We’ll roll the red carpet out for you to come play full ring you washed up geezer. No one ever has nor ever will duck you in ring games. Stay in your lane.” Patrick Leonard was quick to stand up for Berkey as the arguments descended into mudslinging…

…while Poker Twitter was full of confused fans and onlookers trying to make sense of the spat, a few select comments below and mostly aimed at Polk:

– “This is so bizarre. Aren’t you the HU pro @DougPolkVids? We aren’t YOU playing @nikairball HU? How did you drag @berkey11 into this hot mess? Not hard to see how he’d want no part of this.”
– “As pathetic as you claiming that RJL cheated and then having her on your stream for a week?”
– “Fascinating to watch these threads that used to be 90% Doug defenders, completely flip. It is almost like most of his audience is over 25 years old now…” Airball Nik himself decided to call Berkey out on his offer…

…and then Doug Polk decided to make an offer of his own:

“I’m issuing a $100,000 buy-in heads-up challenge to the world. Anyone can take it. Come on down to the @LodgePokerClub for some $200/$400.” The first taker? That man Bill Perkins, who else, and it didn’t take the pair long to get down to business, with Polk way up at the time of writing…

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