Doyle Brunson Refuses to Sign Anymore Autographs

Doyle Brunson Refuses to Sign Anymore Autographs

24 Aug

Doyle Brunson has told his fans that he won’t be signing any more autographs after discovering that a stack of them have ended up being put up for sale on eBay. The 10-time WSOP bracelet winner was upset that people would claim to be his biggest fan and then hand over the keepsakes for pure profit.


It’s understandable that Brunson would be annoyed at what he discovered. At the time of writing there are 67 signed items up for sale on eBay with the most expensive approaching $400.

But announcing that there won’t be anymore signing might end up making the situation worse because, as some Twitter posters pointed out, this will only increase the rarity of his autographs and thus the value will rise encouraging more people to try and sell.

“If you really want to stick it to them, sign more, not less. Real fans will appreciate them and resellers won’t make as much since your signature is easier to get. SuperSystem got me into poker, so thank you. It sucks that they’re profiting off your name and your kindness, I feel that. But just remember that a lot of people do cherish those things from you, and that’s why there’s a market for them as well, and I think that joy real fans get is worth dealing with scammers/scalpers.” Although most were supportive and understanding of Brunson’s feelings, not everybody thought it was best to start shunning fans in this way. “Texas Dolly” is the most legendary poker player of all-time and many poker players will go to great lengths just to get a couple of minutes with him and the chance for him to sign a piece of memorabilia. “Well, that’s your right, but what a shame to miss out on the opportunity to maybe impact someone’s life for the better with just a little signature that cost you nothing.”

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