DraftKings Is Most Visible Sportsbook in the US According to YouGov

DraftKings Is Most Visible Sportsbook in the US According to YouGov

DraftKings is the most visible sports betting brand across the United States, according to exclusive multi-state research by international Internet-based market research and data analytics firm YouGov.

DraftKing Leads the Charge With 37% 

The research showed that out of 1,178 people who had been exposed to sports betting advertisements within the last month, a whopping 37% recalled DraftKings. The second place is occupied by FanDuel, with 30% of the people remembering the brand. Caesars Sportsbook ended up third, with 19% of the polled people recalling it. Next up are BetMGM and Barstool Sportsbook with 16% and 10%, respectively. 

Furthermore, the research results concluded that some offshore sports betting brands also have noticeable advertising, with 4% of the people remembering Bovada.lv – a Costa Rican sports betting brand that has been enjoying a fair amount of attention in the states. Additionally, 14% of the 1,178 respondents recalled seeing advertisements for various other betting brands that were not disclosed by YouGov.

Oliver Rowe, the global sector head for leisure and entertainment at YouGov, added that there is a tendency for smaller brands to grow in visibility in all the states where sports betting has been legalized. The research shows that the ones most interested in the fresher brands are actually seasoned gamblers. 

Spores Betting Increases in Visibility Among the Youth

The poll noted that 47% out of 2,233 young respondents, aged between 18 and 23, couldn’t remember seeing any betting advertisements. The latter result takes into consideration people from all states, including those from states that do not have their own legalized betting market. When the view is narrowed down to states where sports betting is legalized, only 21% couldn’t recall seeing betting advertisements. 

Rowe explained that 68% of the youth that believes online sports betting has been legalized in their state have noted seeing at least one advert a day, and about 56% have recalled having seen one or more sponsorship messages each day. 

The growth of small brands and the increased visibility of sports betting among younger audiences have sparked some concerns. The poll concluded that 44% of the respondents fear that increased visibility of gambling will trip people into spending more on betting games. A total of 54% think that gambling operators should be careful with their marketing campaigns and avoid targeting minors. 

Lastly, a large majority of people (86%), bettors and non-bettors alike, have concerns that operators might not have enough tools to help avoid problem gambling. Rowe spoke on that matter and said that betting companies should try to prevent gambling harm in order to maintain their image and the image of the industry as a whole.