Drake Bets $1.25M BTC on Super Bowl LVI, All-in on Rams

Drake Bets .25M BTC on Super Bowl LVI, All-in on Rams

Super Bowl LVI is projected to elicit an unprecedented amount of sports betting handle with 31.4 million Americans turning to wager on the Big Game this year. It’s not just sports fans across the US that are wagering, though, as Drake is going all-in on the Los Angeles Rams to win against the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday, February 13.

The rapper did not shy to share his selection on Instagram and Stake.com later tweeted it on their account, as Drake has become a bit of a habitual gambler there after winning a handsome sum off of playing roulette.

Drake Goes All-In with Bitcoin Wager Worth $1.25M

The Toronto native whose net worth is estimated at $180 million has not shied away from placing a whopping $1.25 million worth of bitcoin with the popular platform Stake.com. If you are reading this out of the United States you will be disappointed to find out that Stake.com is currently available in Canada, but not the US so no BTC wagers for you this year.

Drake’s $1.25 million boils down to several selections and is just a fraction of the $7.6 billion that will be wagered across various selections on the Big Game. One of Drake’s selections has $472,364 on the Rams to beat the Bengals.

Another $393,636 is on Odell Beckham Jr. to achieve at least 62.5 receiving yards. Then there is another $393,636 on Beckham to score a touchdown. The payout for all three bets amounts to $713,244, $712,457, and $846, 288.

This tallies up to a total $2.3 million payout with Drake captioning his bet photo with “All bets are in on the family.” The news elicited a strong reaction from followers on Instagram with people racing to post their reactions, usually a mix of caps lock, emojis, and half-finished sentences, never mind punctuation.

Will Drake Jinx the Super Bowl with the “Drake Curse?”

One notable person to show under the comment sections was Beckham or as he is known to fans, OBJ. The fact that Drake would bet on OBJ in crypto is actually interesting given that OBJ himself decided to take out his entire salary last year in crypto. He opted to get his entire $750,000 paycheck in bitcoin.

Drake certainly knows how to have fun, but he also tends to often back the wrong betting outcomes. That is why fans have lamented something that is colloquially described as the “Drake Curse” whereby the rapper would follow the hype train only to end up allegedly derailing it by jinxing the selection.

This may be true, but it’s most likely fans looking to vent their disappointment with their favorites and Drake makes an easy target. Barbs on social media waxed poetical with people congratulating the Bengals on “winning the Super Bowl.”