Ebony Kenney Inspires in Documentary Chronicling $2 Million in Cashes

06 Mar

An invite from ACR boss Phil Nagy to the $200K Coin Rivet Invitational powered by the Triton Super High Roller Series in Cyprus last September was a life-changing adventure for Ebony Kenney who took advantage of the opportunity by cashing for almost $2 million.

It may also have been life-changing for many others as Kenney’s entire journey was filmed as part of a YouTube documentary. Three separate videos chronicle the action that included a $240,000 cash in a $25K event and a 5th place finish for $1.7 million in the Coin Rivet invitational that featured wealthy businessmen/rec players inviting a poker pro of their choice to compete alongside.

A perusal of the comments posted following each video shows that Kenney was truly inspirational to a number of viewers – especially women. The entire documentary – one and a half hours in all – was a pleasure to watch as Kenney is refreshingly honest and describes exactly how she’s feeling throughout her adventure in the realm of high stakes tournament poker.

Also displaying honesty was Nagy, who unabashedly informed Kenney, an Americas Cardroom Team Pro, that she wasn’t his first choice to invite to Triton. That mattered none to the 44-year-old, whose biggest cash prior to the trip to Cyprus was $45,000.

While the documentary highlighted Ebony’s poker exploits, viewers were also introduced to her loved ones, two children and a very supportive friend. The trio accompanied Kenney to Cyprus, allowing her to lean on them for comfort while she navigated high stakes tournaments that she never thought she’d be able to enter.

Support via cell phone also came from Kenney’s poker coach, Chance Kornuth, and her mindset coach. Words of wisdom were imparted to her by Jason Koon, who ended his advice by telling Kenney that “we’re all rooting for you.”

Watch the documentary yourself and chances are that you’ll find yourself inspired by and rooting for Kenney as well. As a black woman in a game dominated by white men, Ebony understands that many eyes are upon her and she wholeheartedly has taken on a responsibility to possibly change that dynamic.

“My true role and the privilege I get to have is to build more seats at the table …. to kick the door down and make room for more women or more marginalized individuals to show up and shine in this game,” Kenney said. She certainly shined at the Triton Super High Roller Series in Cyprus.

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